What’s A Good Kids Money Website?

What’s a good kids money website? That’s a very good question. ;o)

You don’t want to spend your time reviewing a kids money website until you understand what a good one is. A good one will teach your kids how money works, how it grows, and will show your kids how to make their money grow for them.

I believe a good kids money website has a holistic approach. What does that mean? “Holistic” is a “theory or belief emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.”

In other words, look at everything! Have your kids start with goal setting, think in an optimistic law of attraction way, be creative in earning their own money and manage this money well enough to keep them on a sound financial path.

Learning about money is not just learning about dollars and cents. It is a mind set and creating habits. Learning about money should start early in kids lives. You want to encourage your kids to avoid creating bad money habits.

A good kids money website wants to show your kids how to take away the stresses of lack of money. It encourages donating to charity which puts the law of attraction into motion and creates positive karmic responses.

Should your kids get an allowance? What are the pros and cons of giving an allowance? How can your kids learn to manage their money? What is leveraging and what does that have to do with money?

A good kids money website explains how kids can be entrepreneurs too. My definition of an entrepreneur is someone who dreams big dreams and then makes them happen. Becoming an entrepreneur is so much more than making money!

Learn how to make your kids useful piggy banks. Label each bank with the words “grow,” “give,” “learn,” “rain,” “goal” and “fun.” There’s a wonderful video (if you don’t mind my saying so) entitled “6 Magical Piggy Banks” which teaches you how to teach your kids to manage their money.

Want to know where you can find this video? Want to know where a good kids money website is? Just click here to learn how to create a goal-o-meter for goal setting and a vision board for strengthening your kids money goals.

Goal setting is setting precise goals by putting in exact dates, times and amounts to be achieved. This is where the goal-o-meter comes in. Remember to help your kids prioritize their goals, adjusting or getting rid of ones as needed.

What is a vision board? It is created with a big collage of pictures, drawings and inspiring positive phrases. Have you heard about mind movies? That too is laid out for you at this good kids money website.

Cheers … Amanda van der Gulik … Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

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