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Money games for kids – Kids’ Finance

Here is another fun resource I found for you and your kids. It is geared towards the American financial history and the American monetary system. Still, even if you are not from the US, this is very interesting stuff. “Kids’ … Continue reading

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What’s A Good Kids Money Website?

What’s a good kids money website? That’s a very good question. ;o) You don’t want to spend your time reviewing a kids money website until you understand what a good one is. A good one will teach your kids how … Continue reading

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Money games for kids – Bank Jr

There is almost no end to the wonderful fun resources and games for kids to help with their financial education. Here is another fantastic one. “Bank Jr.” is the most fantastic, imaginative, coolest online money game I have ever seen! … Continue reading

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August – What Will Your Legacy Be Month

August is “What Will Your Legacy Be” Month. What does “legacy” mean? This is “what someone or something is remembered for, or what they have left behind that is remembered and revered.” During What Will Your Legacy Be Month, time … Continue reading

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