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Here is another fun resource I found for you and your kids. It is geared towards the American financial history and the American monetary system. Still, even if you are not from the US, this is very interesting stuff.

“Kids’ Finance” is a marvelous online money game for kids 8 to 108 … it’s really geared towards grades 4 – 7.

Hollis Page Harman, a financial educator, created this site as a tie-in to the last chapter of her children’s money management book, “Money $ense for Kids!” This guide introduces kids to the basics of saving and investing.

The site is a pleasure to navigate: “meaning of the numbers, letters and symbols on all U.S. paper money,” “how banks can afford to pay interest,” “how kids can find savings programs designed just for them,” “which old coins are worth more than their value,” and “how kids can learn about stocks and even start investing.”

Bill and PennyTwo fun characters, Penny and Bill, invite kids to play money games and engage in activities.

Did you know that when U.S. bills get old, they are returned to the Federal Reserve where they are replaced with new ones? I didn’t. What’s more, these old U.S. bills are burned and their ashes are packaged as bricks and used as roofing material and insulation. Imagine the insulation in your walls that is keeping you toasty could be wrinkled old U.S. money! And there’s lots more fascinating information here.

Your learning adventure begins with “Bios of The Bills” depicting the famous man in each portrait on U.S. currency.

Here we learn all about Benjamin Franklin. (I never knew Americans carried around a history book in their wallets. Who are these people and how did they form the U.S.? What did they do to get their faces on U.S. bills?)

Your kids can “design your own bill.” They can play “Match Denominations” (matching money amounts with U.S. famous names). There’s also “Money Search Puzzles #1 and #2 (finding the words helps adding money words to kids’ vocabulary). You can play “Unscramble Letters” and there’s even a glossary selection with definitions.

Don’t forget to write to Penny and Bill (“Money Story”) with your story about money. One is featured every month. Remember: “today’s pennies are tomorrow’s dollars.”

Here are some more fun money teaching tools I found on Amazon to help your children learn about money! Enjoy! ;o)
(Simply click on the photos to take a “sneak peek” inside them!)

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