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L.M. Montgomery teaches us about the Law of Attraction!

Dear Parents, I am presently in Prince Edward Island on a wonderful two week vacation with my 6 and 4 year old and my ever supportive husband. We are having an amazing time! My husband and I went last night … Continue reading

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The Best Way to Learn is to TEACH!

I’ve had a lot of parents tell me, “I’m not very good financially, how can I teach my child to be smart with their money if I’m not very smart with mine?” This is a GREAT question! Have you ever … Continue reading

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"Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees!"

Does this saying sound familiar to you? I bet you are probably one of many who heard this often growing up, right? If not, you were lucky. Let’s turn a new leaf and start raising our own children a little … Continue reading

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The Insider’s Secret’s to Raising a Future Millionaire

Hello Parents of Future Millionaires! I am so excited! My ebook, “The Insider’s Secrets to Raising a Future Millionaire” has been a huge hit! It is so heartening to know that the information, tools and resources that I have put … Continue reading

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9 Year Old Girl Takes Her Cake Decorating Passion And Turns It Into a Kidpreneur Business! Girl, 9, is talented cake decorator and has the beginnings of a business 6/06/08: “THE WOODLANDS, TX (KTRK) — A pint-sized baker in The Woodlands is already starting to make a name for herself, decorating cakes for family and … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Realistic!

How often have you heard people say, “Be Realistic,” right after you have told them all about one of your dreams? These lovely people are called, “dream stealers” and although they may think that they are being helpful to you … Continue reading

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