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Which one are YOU?

– There are people that make things happen. – There are people that watch things happen. – There are people that ask ‘What happened?’ Which one are you?” Click Here to check out the rest of my post on the … Continue reading

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What to DO in These Financial Times of Crisis?

Don’t forget your children. Times of financial crisis are times of incredible opportunity to teach your children never become a victim to financial crisis. What better way to role model financial success for our kids than to teach by showing? … Continue reading

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Chocolate Lover!!! – by KAM – 12 years old

“I started this business becauseā€¦ I wanted to have a business and my own money. I chose chocolate lollipops because I knew it was going to be a success since everyone loves chocolate and it was going to be easy … Continue reading

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What if you only had 30 seconds left?

Here are the three things I would tell my children if I only had 30 seconds left to say anything to them to help them with their future. (As a matter of fact I say these things to them every … Continue reading

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bad news…

Do you watch the news? How does it make you feel? Why do you watch the news? Have you ever wondered why you watch the news? It’s called the “Rubber Neck Effect”. Here’s an example from internet guru, Frank Kern, … Continue reading

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What’s Your Point of View?

Two Weeks ago I was traveling with my husband to San Diego for a ‘weekend away without our kiddos’. It was heavenly. We love our children very dearly, but it’s also nice to have some quality time alone with your … Continue reading

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