Admit Your Defeat!

How often have you tried to accomplish something only to fail and then hide your failure?

I know I have.

Be honest with yourself.

It doesn’t feel good to admit defeat but to bottle up your mistakes inside and to try to hide them will only drain you of positive energy and fill you with negative tension.

We all make mistakes, it’s nature’s way of teaching us new lessons.

I like to say, “There are NO mistakes, ONLY very expensive LESSONS!”

Don’t be afraid of failure and don’t be afraid to admit your defeat.

Not only will you be freeing yourself of all that negative energy, you will also be giving the beautiful gift of new lessons learned to those with whom you share your defeat.

Be refreshed and begin again, learning from your mistakes.

Forget school!

I know we were raised in school to feel badly about making mistakes.

Start fresh and embrace your mistakes, learn from them and then try not to repeat them.

Here’s to your new life lessons!

Cheers….Amanda van der Gulik….Excited Life Enthusiast!
Founder of the “Kids and Money” DreamRichly Group.
Founder of

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