Be Realistic! It’s Your Choice!

I often hear, “Be Realistic!” whenever someone finds I’m being too happy.

What I say to them, with a smile, of course, is, “We both are!”

Realism, is only in which way you choose to see something.

It’s raining today…..

“It’s wet and dreary, what a horrible day!”


“Look at that, I’m so pleased, our garden really needed the water. It’s going to be so refreshing and smell just wonderful today!”

You’re choice.

So whenever someone tries to dampen your day, just remember, it’s only THEIR perspective, NOT yours!

You’re BOTH right, so you get to choose!

Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast!
Founder of the Kids and Money – Kid Entrepreneurs DreamRichly Group.
Founder of

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