How Does An Entrepreneur Respond To An Opportunity

Example Of How An Entrepreneur Responds To An Opportunity

An interesting way to understand an entrepreneur is to examine how they approach things. We have taken a case of a social entrepreneur to examine how an entrepreneur thinks and acts in comparison to other career choices;

Identifying and solving large-scale social problems requires a social entrepreneur because only the entrepreneur has the committed vision and inexhaustible determination (passion) to persist until they have transformed an entire system.

The scholar comes to rest when he/she expresses an idea.

The professional succeeds when he/she solves a client’s problem.

The manager calls it quits when he/she has enabled his organization to succeed.

Social entrepreneurs go beyond the immediate problem to fundamentally change communities, societies, the world. There is a dramatic difference between entrepreneurs and other business people.

Entrepreneurs approach problems and opportunities with greater vision and passion which creates much greater impact then most people. If most people take a situation from A to B, an entrepreneur would take it from A to Z.”

I found this website and highly recommend it for it’s incredible resources for teaching children about money and encouraging starting their own businesses.

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