Launch of My Kids and Money eBook!!!

Hello Parents and Friends,

I am very excited and pleased to let you know our Insider’s Secrets to Raising a Future Millionaire eBook is finished.

It has taken a lot of effort and time (I was still working on it at 2 am this morning.)

I am very proud of the finalized product.

Read what my dear client, Yolanda, has to say about my new book:

“Hi Amanda,

I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic book! I grew up in a household with a ´poverty mentality´always struggling to make ends meet. Since having my own children I have always want to teach them that nothing is impossible but time seems to fly by and I always think I am not doing enough to give them a financial education (too busy trying to make money to give them the best schooling I can afford!)

Your book has really given the push I needed to make this a priority. They are already 6 and 8 and I know you are right – the time to start is now. If I say we don´t have the money for something they tell me to just go to the bank and get it – like it just appears magically.

I desperately want them to be financially secure so that they concentrate on enjoying life and there are loads of great resources in the book to help me teach them. This is a must-have for all parents.”

Yolanda Solo

Thank-you Yolanda for your inspiring words, I will continue to do my best to help you teach your kids about money.

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