Meet The Mintz Family – Raising Amazing Role Models!

We all need a little inspiration now and then to help keep us on track to achieving our own goals in life. As parents, it can sometimes be overwhelming, to say the least. But knowing that there are other normal, everyday families achieving what we ourselves wish to achieve can give us that extra boost of confidence to go for our dreams and make them come true!

Here is a wonderfully inspiring family who will do just that for you. You will be both in awe as well as on a mission to make your own family succeed as they have! Enjoy! ?

I’d like you to Meet Anna and the Mintz family. They are a very entrepreneurial family indeed and a great role model to us all. Let me share their stories with you so you may be as inspired by them as I am. If you would like me to share your family’s stories to help inspire others as well, please let me know in the comments below and I will get in touch with you to see about making that happen for you! ?

A few weeks ago, I sent out a request to my members to see who would like to be featured on my blog. I was looking for a family of entrepreneurs who were teaching their kiddos a Healthy Wealth Mentality that would be a great role model for all of my members and when I read Anna’s application, I was immediately taken in by her family.

I knew they were going to be amazing role models for us all that we could be inspired by and learn so much from!

…and I was right! ?

Meet Anna Leah Mintz

Anna Leah Mintz met her husband, David, in a very unique and very rare way…sometimes we wonder who exactly is in charge of our lives…this one definitely seemed to be divinely guided for sure.

They met on a flight from Canada to Israel to explore the Holy Land with a group of young adults from around the world…but even more coincidental than that, they didn’t even start from the same airport, or even the same province!

David’s seat was already seated in by this lovely lady, Anna. The stewardess managed to find another seat but he managed to arrange to sit beside her instead.


They have been together ever since. From enjoying climbing Masada together, with David carrying Anna up to the very top, they began their life’s journey! ?

After getting married, they applied for a “Visa lottery” in order to be allowed to reside in the US since they were both Canadians. About 2 million people from all over the world enter the draw and out of 40 thousand selected, they were around the 11 thousands among the bunch to win and be allowed to move anywhere in the US! They chose San Diego, where they still live today with their 3 lovely children, Keith, Jordan and Tanya…all of them natural born entrepreneurs! They had lots of family down there and so it was the right place for them to be, allowing David the opportunity to work with his family.

Anna had a degree in education, graduating with honours in Drama in Education, which gave her the unique ability to teach creatively through the use of Drama. After working more than 50 hour weeks, totally dedicated to her students and improving their lives, she decided to take on the role of Principal as well as Director of another private school to boot!

After a while, she and David decided that she would quit her busy jobs to start a family on the recommendation of a doctor they had gone to see when they found they were having trouble conceiving.

Their first child, Keith, was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) at a very early age in life.  Doctors tried to encourage Anna and David to put him on medication but that just didn’t feel right to have Keith on any type of mental health drug.

Instead Anna gave Keith DHA and other good EFA oils that stimulate the brain. She changed his diet to reduce gluten, sugar, and other foods containing chemicals etc. She believed that when he appeared spacey in school, with many other thoughts going on in his head, besides what the teacher was speaking about, that although he had been labeled as ADD, a much more appropriate label would have been ATTENTION DIALED FOR A HIGHER DIMENSION.

They had full faith in Keith’s unique abilities and believed  that the school system could not expect to teach each student the same way since each student has a unique style of learning.   Many kids do better when taught hands on allowing them to use all of their 5 senses.  This was one reason why she got her degree in Drama in Education: so she could make sure that students got to learn in every creative way possible to allow them to tap in to their natural talent.

She is a self-described workaholic!

Anna may have no longer been in education but she knew she had more work to do. She started by having a very classy and unique pool hall with her brother when she was 20 and her and her husband’s families were all successful entrepreneurs. With that entrepreneurial bug buzzing away at the back of her head while raising her 3 beautiful children, she decided to go back to school to become a certified health care practitioner as well!

A Natural Healer was helping Anna remove scar tissue from an abdominal muscle surgery she had after having her 3rd child. He seemed to always end the session with some negative emotion release which Anna found rather interesting. So she then decided to enroll in an intense Emotion Code release program and successfully graduated to become a certified Emotion Code practitioner.

Anna provides private and group nutrition and health consultation, helping to heal people’s bodies and bring them back to the optimal health that they desire using non-invasive energy healing treatments. She helps them to remove allergies, vertigo, stress, digestive issues and other physical as well as emotional conditions from their bodies.

People were getting sick and Anna Leah Mintz wanted to do something about it!

When I asked her why she decided to be a health care practitioner, rather than getting back into public and private school education, she answered that she found that 85% of people’s health conditions and ailments were related to negative emotions that are buried in their subconscious minds. The small percentage remaining  were reasons found in the Body Code such as potential pathogens, like mold, parasites, virus etc. or toxins, or nutrition and life style and other potential factors that Anna can detect and help you remove.

How ideal to be able to get to the ROOT cause of a condition and receive more accurate remedies!

She was determined to make a difference in our world!

Healing our world naturally.

Anna has been a go-getter and works with true passion providing each client with Top Quality Energy Healing.  She feels her work is a Gift especially when clients can feel successful results and improvements in up to 48 hours!

She now gives health workshops to teach better health and educate others on what to AVOID in your diet, what to INCLUDE, how to detoxify safely, and so much more. She is also in the process of writing 2 books starting with, “Basic start to Better Health”, followed by, “How to Better Your health from Head to Toe”.

She is excited to share that her eldest son, Keith, helped her build her own website, and is maintaining them for her:, on her YouTube channel: Natural Healthy Haven. You can also listen to one of her podcasts here:

Watch as Anna Introduces herself and her business:

Anna and David raised their kids to have an entrepreneurial spirit; earning money throughout their childhood by doing extra chores around the home, dog sitting, selling lemonade, as well as modelling and acting. They continue to earn money from the entertainment industry. Which mom says is beneficial for their self-confidence and enhances their ability to speak in public as well as take direction from producers and directors. As a family, they did a commercial for Mossy Nissan.

Let’s meet their amazing kids…

Keith Mintz – Eldest – 20 Years Old

Keith Mintz – Youthpreneur

Keith grew up having fun while earning money doing such fun things as, a skateboarding commercial, being on the cover of North Magazine, being chosen as the LEGOLAND hero and playing a victim on America’s Most Wanted !

At just 20 years of age, he is already the owner of his own business and is about to get his first book published! He certainly has learned from his entrepreneurial parents.

In his senior year of high school he found himself sitting in psychology class thinking of what he was going to do after high school, trying to figure out his plan for after graduation. He started wondering why was he even here, who was he, why did he even exist, why did the Universe even exist?

He found himself in going into a deep state of mind and started to see the spiritual reality of everything. One thought led to the next, and he started to take notes on his phone, after 7 months, by the end of the school year he had over 2000 notes on his phone!

He found that they all connected!

Keith all ready for his meeting with engineers to develop and market his new app.

They all had to do with the same thing. He felt that it was all very deep and like he was supposed to make a book out of it.

So he started putting his book together and at the same time had a great idea for an app that he started making while he was still in high school. By the time the end of the year came, he had a very strong idea of what he was supposed to do with his life.

He was very passionate about writing his book and starting his business, so he decided not to go to college and focus on his business instead.

When Keith told his parents that he had no desire to sit several more years in college, they accepted the idea that he was requesting to break out of the “norm” that Anna and David, their family, and friends were all doing. Everyone had gone straight from high school to college or university. But they knew Keith needed something different.

They knew Keith had a special drive in him to succeed and build on his natural talents that were labelled incorrectly as ADD.  As parents, they decided to give him a chance to prove himself and told him that as long as they didn’t see him sleeping in daily, wasting time on social media, watching TV or hanging out at the beach all day, they would allow him 6 months to work towards achieving his dreams and goal.

After seeing how far Keith had gotten within those first 6 month, they were convinced that they had made the right choice.  Keith never wasted one second of his time unless it was a weekend to recharge, to master his dreams. He proved to them that there is more than one path in life to achieve success!

Happily working on his first book

Over the next two years he put all of his efforts into building his businesses and admits to learning a lot through making a lot of trial and error mistakes and successes.

Keith loves the fact that he is successful without having had to go to college first by using his entrepreneurial skills to create an app, start his own YouTube channel, and write a book that will help others.

He’s setting the foundation, getting the testers in place, and building his fan-base which will in turn allow him to earn YouTube ad revenue, in app revenue and revenue from the eventual sales of his book and future books.

His book ended up being over 300 pages, so he decided to make a shorter, more compressed version of it that he is currently working on getting published.

His business, Mind Fold Games has it’s first app, Color Dash, up and running in the Android Play Store and the Apple Store and it’s really starting to take off. It’s a really cool app to stimulate the brain to be successful in life by training it to stay focused, and increase reaction speed. He is hoping that this will be the next billion dollar app!

Color Dash – Stimulate Your Mind: Improve Focus and Increase Reaction Speed!

Keith is certified in Life Coaching too!

Spiritual life coaching and helping people with that, building testimonials and growing that on his YouTube channel and his Blog. Spiritual philosophy and self improvement are his biggest interests that he loves to share with his followers. He videos his thoughts throughout the day as they come to him that he wishes to share, records the videos on his phone and then uploads them to his YouTube channel to share the knowledge.

His specific niche is in helping teenagers become certain on their life path, help teens find their passion and build their passion. He helps their businesses grow through business coaching and social media marketing. You can find Keith on Fiverr to help you get your own business idea up and running at:

Take a look at one of Keith’s favourite episodes from his YouTube channel:

“All is One. The Power of the Universe”

How we all connect and we are all from the same source.

He loves to constantly educate himself, like learning more about spirituality and also about the business side of things, like learning about Stocks.

What an amazing role model Keith is for our kids, and us adults too!

Now, let’s meet some more of his amazing family…

Jordan Mintz – Middle – 17 Years Old

Jordan Mintz – Teenpreneur

Jordan doesn’t believe high school or further education is what’s needed to succeed and has other methods of making money instead.

At 18 months Jordan won the title of Mr. San Diego at the Valentines Gold Coast pageant, he was photographed at age 6 years in a Tow Mater costume after the Disney movie “Cars” came out, and was featured on billboards for Party City, Target, Walmart and other costume stores.

“His personality started to shine at the young age of 18 months when he stared at the judges with his big blue eyes and waved with a happy smile brightening all their day.”

Jordan is an avid skateboarder who inspires other kids with his cool tricks at the skatepark.

Jordan is also is a natural born entrepreneur, although he says he’s not quite an official “entrepreneur” yet since he is still in school but he likes to sell things and started his own little company.

He sells things online, and has his own store on eBay. He sells things, packages them and then just sends them out from their own mailbox. He averages about $100 each month doing that.

He uses his free time to work and create money so he can have money to work with.

He is also great at finding one-time opportunities like when one lady gave him a bunch of cats that he then sold for a couple hundred dollars. He says they went really fast but realizes that opportunities like that are not an ‘always’ thing but a one-time opportunity, a here and there kind of thing.

Recently, Jordan completed a 9 month course where he found one of his true passions. He developed the skill and love of working with and training horses. He was even handed a wild colt who counted on Jordan to get tamed. He is now looked upon as a role model among other teens his age since the horses helped him to understand people’s emotions better.

He’s working on a couple of other things as well and also wants to work with his brother because he can says that his older brother knows a little more about working online “since he has had more experience” so wants to learn from him.

Jordan is learning from his experiences, playing trial and error and seeing what works best.

He hopes to have more success as he gets older because he knows he’s just messing around with things right now and getting a taste of how it all works.

He believes in being constantly grateful for all we are blessed with and emphasizes the importance of giving to those in need.

Let’s meet Keith and Jordan’s little sister…

Tanya Mintz – Youngest – 12 Years Old

Tanya Mintz – Tweenpreneur

Reading by the young age of just 2 years old, Tanya is a quick learner and now at just 12 years of age, she is easily following in her brothers shoes and proving that you don’t have to be a boy to be an entrepreneur!

She is proud of her achievement as a red belt in Karate, and is getting very close to achieving her Black Belt level!

Tanya is very creative in making money and even getting publicity! She’s been an amazing help to her mom, creating her PowerPoint slides and helping mom with the digital world.

Like her brothers, Tanya has been a very successful child, doing commercials, winning talent contests, like winning the California Gold Coast Beauty and Talent Pageant.

California Gold Coast Beauty & Talent Pageant

Tanya being filmed for the Baby Genius videos

Tanya also has her babysitting certificate and earns her own money through babysitting as well.

Tanya can be found often rehearsing and auditioning for commercials. She did a commercial advertising an app for Qualcomm, and was featured in Baby Genius videos, as were her brothers.

Tanya is a great role model for little girls, showing them that girls can do anything they want in life. They can babysit, they can be on TV, they can become a Black Belt if they want to and that they can also become their own boss.

Tanya is the perfect role model for our girls!

Tanya doing a commercial to advertise a new app for Qualcomm, Vufoia

As already mentioned, Tanya is very interested in building her own businesses and is currently working with her friend on their first YouTube TS Vlogs channel.

She recently bought herself a new camera to take her videos with and is loving every minute of the process.

Talking to her YouTube audience

Filming on her hover board

So what do they make videos of?

When I asked her what they film? She told me that they spend their time sharing daily adventures of what it’s like just being a teenage girl in today’s age.

Every day teen girl stuff: like what they do when they hang out and have fun and showing off cool new gadgets that they’d recommend. They don’t go to the same school but they hang out a lot since they are neighbours, just down the street from each other.

Check out two of their funniest videos:

? ❤ ? The BEST OBSTACLE is at 2:46 minutes!!! ❤ ? ❤


? ❤ ? The BEST PRANK is at 4:16 minutes!!! ❤ ? ❤

These videos are great examples for our own kids of how they can use the power of the internet, YouTube and product sites, like Amazon to earn their own money. Your child can make a ‘how-to’ or ‘tutorial’ video on a product that they love themselves. They can show funny and cool tips or tricks. Then they can add a link in their video description to a store, like Amazon, where their viewers can buy the things they see in the video….and YOUR CHILD has the potential to earn commission on it!?

Tanya loves to give back to the Universe and always goes out of her way to make any new student feel welcome and comfortable.

And that’s NOT all …

More Mintz Family Cool Facts:

SPIRIT: Healing the World

They had a family singing group called, “Spirit”, where they went to senior homes, hospitals, community centers, and other venues where inspirational songs, dance, affirmations and cheers were appreciated.

They did this free of charge and simply accepted donations that they then gave to support Autism!

As for the label of Autism,  Anna feels these special kids should be written up as “AWE-tistic” since there is no doubt they are LOADED with special talents that need the opportunity to Shine.  She says parents are truly blessed to be raising these kids and watching them become the ones to make a positive difference in our world as they break out of this average “In the Box Society”!!

The Mintz family all love to travel, in particular they love taking cruises together. Spending quality time with each other while inspiring those around them with their contagious smiles and positive, healing energy.

Their family goal is to make a positive difference in our world!

Featured in La Costa Neighbors Magazine

They go together as a family to homeless shelters to help out wherever they can. They not only serve food, but also love spending individual time with the people there to play games and listen to their stories. They are known as a very generous family, always looking for ways to include others and give back.

They are also going to be ‘Big Pals’ for kids who don’t have homes and are in shelters. Bringing them to their house doing Friday night service at their house and on the weekends letting them enjoy the pool in the backyard.

They feel its important to let the kids know what if feels like to be a part of a fun, loving family. They get the most joy out of giving them warmth and whatever else they are missing. Trying to fill in the gap for them.

What caught my attention most about the Mintz family was that they understand we are all unique, with each our own set of talents and love to share in our world.

They believe we all have a mission to make our world a better place using our own unique talents and abilities!

And what about kids and money? Anna believes that kids should earn their own money. She started earning her own money when she was about 12 or 13 babysitting, mowing lawns in the summer and shoveling snow in the winter. She also worked at camps her whole life. She feels that it connects them to other kids and they get looked up to when they work as a counselor which then also teaches them responsibility to fully prepare them for life.

Anna and David believe that kids should do a lot of things at home for free because they get to live there and as such they feel that some things don’t need to get paid for, like doing the dishes, helping with laundry, etc.

Designer Jeans?

When Anna was younger, she remembers wanting a pair of high-end jeans, because everyone else had these jeans. Her mom was willing to pay for regular jeans but would say that if Anna wanted to bump it up to designer, then she would have to pay the difference.

So that’s what she did!

She saved until she could bump it up to the next level of jeans. And it was a choice. She could choose to do it or not. She would still get regular jeans but if she wanted to get fancy then it was her own responsibility to make that happen.

That’s the kind of value she wants to teach to her own kids. She will give them the basics that they need, but if they want something fancier then they have to pay for the difference.

…And she would also offer them extra work….

Besides their basic chores, Anna and David will give their children the opportunity to earn money to help them earn the difference. Since they have no snow to shovel and have a gardener to mow their lawn, since it’s a more complicated lawn with palm trees that need a specific type of maintenance, their kiddos couldn’t earn extra cash the way their mother had when she was a teen.

So instead, Anna and David offered their kids other work opportunities as a way to make some bucks, like: washing their cars, polishing the BBQ, mopping the floors, and helping mom set up for her health workshops by setting up and receiving money for supplements and health products.

She sees no reason why kids can’t work for their own money!

Anna encourages parents to get their kids working, doing stuff around the house, because not every kid can go out to find work, so for the ones that can’t, there is stuff around the house they can do too!

Enjoy and share!

Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ?

P. S. So how did you enjoy meeting the incredible Mintz family? Did you find the Mintz Family inspiring? If so, then please help the Mintz family and me empower more kids, teens and their families by leaving them your personal comments below. Let them know what you liked most about them and how they may have inspired you and your family.

P. S. S. Writing this article has helped me make amazing new friends with the Mintz family. I would LOVE to have the opportunity to get to know you better too and maybe even do a special feature on your family and the money and life lessons you are sharing with your own family. If that sounds good to you, then leave me a comment below and let me know and I will get in touch with you so we can meet up. I look forward to getting to know you better!

“Thank-you Amanda for all you are doing to help us spread to others what we do and as a result inspire them to do the same by letting their talents shine as well!”

It was my sincere pleasure getting to know each and every one of the amazing Mintz family and my honour to share their inspiration with you all.

Let the Mintz family know how they have inspired you in the comments below. I know they will be absolutely thrilled to hear your comments and I know that Anna will be so happy to answer them for you!

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