Do You Have A Kidpreneur? 10 Ways To Find Out…

Do You Have A Kidpreneur?

And if you do…how would you know it?

Is your child like Laura? Talking about what they will do AFTER they retire, BEFORE even thinking about getting their own job first? That’s what I want to help you find out today.

How good is your child with money? Do they save it or spend it?

Knowing how money savvy our kids are will help us to better understand whether we have a kid entrepreneur on our hands or a kid who will just empty our own pockets instead!

Here Are 10 Signs That You Have a Kid-Preneur On Your Hands!

1. Your Child Keeps Bugging You to Have a Lemonade Stand

Is your child always at you to set up another lemonade stand? If so, then you quite possibly have a true kid-preneur on your hands for sure! This is the number 1 sign! Whether it’s a lemonade stand, or another yard-sale that your child is bugging you to hold for them, they are really begging you for the opportunity to earn their own money.

So yeah, even though it may seem like ‘more work’ in the long run they are actually helping you to keep your money in your own wallet. They want to leave your pocket alone and earn their own money instead. Make sure you encourage this! (Maybe they’ll be able to pay for your retirement one day!)

2. Your Child Talks Constantly About What They are Going to do With Their Life AFTER They RETIRE!

Forget about getting a job first, if your child is talking about the future in a way that it sounds like they have money to do anything they like, then that is a SURE sign that you definitely have a kidpreneur on your hands!

Entrepreneurs always look at the end result they wish to attain, never worrying too much about what they will have to do along the way to get there. Sure they’ll eventually have to make a plan and plan out all the small steps along the way to get there, but their minds and hearts will remain solely focused on the end result. And that is a VERY GOOD THING! 😀

3. Your Child is Really Good at Negotiating With Their Younger Sibling to do All of Their Work for Them! 😉

A true entrepreneur has VERY BIG DREAMS and as such NEEDS to learn how to delegate! There are simply not enough hours in a day for them to do it all on their own and they know that instinctively, without ever needing to be told. If you have a little negotiator on your hands, then you can be pretty darn certain that you indeed have a kid-preneur standing there before you.

Hey use their natural talents, get them to help you delegate the chores around the home. They’ll be helping saving you time…and you will actually be nurturing their natural entrepreneurial talents. Go for it, have some fun! Hey, we’re not parents for nothing after all! 😀

4.  Your Child Takes Action!

As Barbara Corcoran said, “People who have a concept but not a detailed strategy are more likely to have that special entrepreneurial ability…invent as you go!”

Sure your child may not know what direction they need to take to get to their goals, but they’ll figure it out along the way! Most kids would just give up before they start, but not your kid! They’re okay to make those necessary mistakes along the way…Live and Learn! It’s a very beautiful thing!

Action takers, are a very rare breed and very highly sought after, so again, nurture this incredible skill…maybe even learn from it yourself! 😀

5. Your Child is Creative/Inventive!

If you child just ‘wings’ it and ‘makes’ things happen then you definitely have a kidpreneur on your hands for sure!

Being creative in the moment and inventing as you go is a true sign of a natural born entrepreneur! We won’t always have the tools that we need at our disposal, and most of us will just give up, but a true entrepreneur never stays ‘stuck’ they will create a way to make it happen! Does that sound like your kid? Then YUP! You certainly have a kidpreneur in your house!

6. Your Child is CONSTANTLY Getting Themselves into HOT WATER!!!

Do you find your child is better at asking for forgiveness than actually asking for permission?

Don’t fret! It’s not as bad as it seems now. In life if all we ever do is ask to do things, then most of the time we will never actually get to do them, to build them, to create them…not asking, and instead just asking for forgiveness when they don’t work out well is the natural way that an entrepreneur works!

Your child is not a bad kid. Sure he or she may make bad decisions, but being out there, getting things going, doing the work, that is a VERY GOOD thing indeed! Loosen up a bit! Trust that your child is on to something and will eventually figure it out!

7. Your Child is Fearless!

Robert Irvine, Host of Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible” said, “Where most avoid risk, entrepreneurs see potential. In some ways entrepreneurs are the ultimate optimists because they invest under the concept that their time and money will eventually pay off.”

Does that sound like your child? Always seeing the potential in things? Just going for it, making it happen? Then you are one very lucky parent, nurture them now and they may just end up paying for your retirement one day! 😀

8. Your Child is Motivated by Challenges

I’ve always LOVED challenges, they motivate me to take action, to make things work out in the end.

Whenever someone tells them what can’t be done, they go out of their way to find a way that it CAN be done instead? That’s how most of the most successful entrepreneurs in our world today actually got to where they are. Someone told them they could never do it…and they got angry and did it just to PROVE them WRONG!

As Jeff Platt from Sky Zone said, “When confronted by problems, entrepreneurs rise to the occasion. Challenges motivate them to work harder.”

Take it a step further and test your child. Tell them something isn’t possible and see what kind of action they take. Do they just accept it as fact, or do they run out to prove you wrong? Let us know in the comments below.

9. Your Child Feels Like an Outsider

Is your child labelled “different” or “weird” by others, does your child sometime feel all alone? This can definitely be a sign of a kidpreneur who is budding out. As Vinent Petryk from J.P. Licks said, “Entrepreneurs aren’t always accepted. They are often rejected for being different in some way. And that just makes them work harder!”

Might be nice to let your child know they are NOT alone…one day they may get to employ those who are trying to overbear them now…one day your child may end up their BOSS! 😀

10. Your Child is Malleable

Do you have a stubborn kid on your hands or one who may take on one idea and when it doesn’t work out, simply tries it again but a different way?

Entrepreneurs have to be malleable, now that DOES NOT mean that they can’t ever be stubborn, but they need to know WHEN to be insistent and when to back off and try a different route!

As Rosemary Camposano from Halo blowdry bars said, “If you have only one acceptable outcome in mind, your chances of making it are slim. Smart entrepreneurs consistently evolve, tweaking their business concepts in response to market feedback.”

So what do you think? Do you have a Kidpreneur on your hands?

Let us know in the comments below, tell us:

  • Why you believe you in deed do have a kid-preneur on your hands?
  • How many you have in your house?
  • What you like most about your kidpreneur?
  • What about your kidpreneur drives you absolutely crazy?

Can’t wait to hear from you. Here’s to your own kid-preneur succeeding in their life! 😀

Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

P.S. If you have a Kidpreneur on your hands, then make sure you let us know in the comments below. I would LOVE to do a feature post on your child…help them promote their own kid-preneur business idea for them!

P.P.S. Here’s a cool video I found with 15 signs you’re an entrepreneur, see how many of these your child shows…and share them with us in the comments below.

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“Together we can raise kids and teens who are money savvy and get to follow their dreams because they know how to handle and value their money…and not come back crawling home to mom and dad to get them out of financial trouble!”


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2 Responses to Do You Have A Kidpreneur? 10 Ways To Find Out…

  1. Danielle says:

    I have always been entrepreneurial by nature, so it’s no surprise that our kids also have that bent. Our daughter (13) started writing a novel at age 8 and we just ordered the proof copy today! (Took a few years longer than expected, since her editor/mom couldn’t keep up with her!) One of her projects for this year in our homeschool is to learn sales and marketing so she can figure out how to market her book and be successful as an author. She is also already well along in her second novel.

    • Amanda says:

      Thank-you for sharing that with us! I’m so excited for your daughter. I would love to take a look at her book and help you promote it. If I like the book, then I’d be happy to do a special review here on my blog for her. I’ll email you so we can connect, and I’ll share the Amazon website that I use to self-publish my own books, she might like to start there.

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

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