Cash-Smart Kids – Teaching Kids About Money and Business

Hello Parents,

I’ve just come across an amazing site. These parents have three young girls and all three of them started their own businesses in elementary school!!! Not bad, eh?

Here’s a small excerpt from their site, click the link to read the full story.

Cash-Smart Kids – Teaching Kids About Money and Business: “more and more parents are realising the importance of providing their kids with something better than the standard basic school education about money and business.

In today‚Äôs economy, we need to raise our kids to be self-reliant. Getting a good job in this day and age is no longer the passport to financial security it once was. Employees, even highly skilled ones, face an uncertain future, hoping and praying that the environment is kind to their employer, their geographical area, and their industry.”

Cheers….Amanda van der Gulik….Excited Life Enthusiast!

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