What Is Your Kids Financial Intelligence Quotient?

What is your kids financial intelligence quotient? Now, now, take a deep breath! ;o) All I’m asking is what is your kids financial IQ?

It’s important for us, as parents, to know what our kids financial IQ is because without that knowledge, we cannot make sure that our kids grow up financially secure. We want our kids to become money savvy adults.

Life isn’t easy, so the saying goes. Life is filled with lessons to be learned. We alone make our life joyous or not. We may have no control over what happens in our lives. We do have control over how we react to, or act on, what has happened in our lives.

Once our kids financial IQ is sufficient enough, our kids will leave the nest and be able to live on their own, earning their own money, saving it, investing it, donating it and spending it in wise and healthy ways.

My two own sweet kids, Xanthe and Quinn, who I love and adore, will one day be on their own. It’s hard to believe this now when Xanthe is only 8 and Quinn is only 6, but the day will come when they will be living on their own and I want them to be living a life without financial stress. So, I want my kids financial IQ to be as high as possible.

We want our kids to work their money hard for them. We don’t want our kids to work hard for their money. We want our kids financial IQ to include how to make
passive income and how to leverage their income. Money is not important. What we do with that money is important.

Do you know your kids financial IQ? Exactly how money savvy is your child? Here’s a FREE quiz “ How Money Savvy Is My Child” where your kid, by answering seven questions, will find out if he or she is a “wealth master,” “fairly money savvy,” “not quite money savvy yet” or “money savvy deficient.”

Once you learn what level your child has achieved, your work has just begun! ;o)

There is always room for growth and improvement. We want our kids to learn to make overall wise money decisions. Your kids financial IQ now is a jumping off place to further financial savvy. Your kids have the potential to do well financially with age appropriate financial education. Never give up! There’s always hope!

Even if your child is a “wealth master,” you still want to increase his or her positive wealth mentality. You want your child to do well financially and be able to look for sound money opportunities and act on them.

Find out what your kids financial IQ is. Increase the level of your kids financial IQ. Teach your kids to work passionately for their money.

Here’s to empowering and improving our kids financial IQ!

Cheers … Amanda van der Gulik … Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

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