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Here is yet another post about fun resources and games for kids to help with their financial education. I will keep them coming for you,

Enjoy everyone!

The SmartStart for Kids money online game (found on The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce website) is strictly for the young at heart! There’s a video with a little flying piggy bank that’s awesome!

This is the place to check out cool stuff about money and banking. Your kids will learn how to make money, how to save it, how to invest it and how to make it grow.

Kids will learn about money through “ways to save,” “borrowing and investing money” and “The ABCs of Money.” Don’t understand some words? Kids can go there to boost their banking vocabulary.

There’s a neat game called “The Allowance Room.” It’s a virtual room filled with awesome stuff, like cell phones and video games, that most kids want to be able to buy one day. Now they have the opportunity to learn how to come up with the cash to buy what they want.

There are 15 clickable items. Simply click on an item and the Money Machine will figure out how long it will take to save up enough cash. “Weekly Contribution” is the amount your kids can save while “Parent Contribution” is the money they can count on from you.

Do your kids want to learn more about what a bank is and what it does? Have them check out “bank account” and “CIBC SmartStart Program. Also, check out CIBC Save-Up GIC to learn how to save money.

There’s a special section “For Parents Only” where day-to-day banking, saving & investing, borrowing and protection skills are discussed.

Cheers … Amanda van der Gulik … Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

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