Money games for kids – Practice Money Skills for Life

“Practice Money Skills for Life” for financial literacy for everyone is SOOOO much fun! Honestly! ;o)
Here you’ll find six online money games.

(1) “Cash Puzzler” is fun and easy. Choose any dollar bill ($1, $5, $10, $20 or $50). At the next screen, move the cut-out dollar bill pieces to form that dollar bill. You’ve finished your puzzle! Then click the pointing finger and find “Fast Facts” about each President featured on the dollar bill you chose.

(2) “Countdown to Retirement” is very interesting. Pick a character to manage as well as housing and transportation. Understand your financial situation before you choose housing and transportation. If you have a low paying job, you may not want to get the fanciest car and biggest house, although it really is up to you. The game starts at your very first job. As the game proceeds, so will your career. As you earn promotions, your salary will grow. Some choices you make will affect how often you get promoted.

(3) “Ed’s Bank” is fun and easy. Help Ed save money for a trip to the store. This is SOOOO much fun! There are many different coins, you drag the ones you want into the piggy bank (grab as much as you can before the bell rings and you are stopped!). Ed’s now ready to go shopping. Does Ed have enough money to buy the items he wants? If not, go back and save some more!

(4) “Money Metropoli$” is fascinating. Saving for a goal is a world of fun! Choose your character (boy or girl; skin, hair & look color). Choose your goal. Select the item that you would most like to save for. A Zoo Party, a Bowling Party or The Big Game costs $200. A Pet Dog, Museum Trip or Shopping Spree costs $300. A Plane Trip, Ski Trip or a Season Pass to an Amusement Park costs $400. During the game, you’ll need to make and save enough money to make that goal. Good luck! ;o)

(5) “Road Trip To Savings” is fascinating. Meet the challenges of 4 weeks on the road as you steer your way to financial stability. Your start the game with $1000 cash and $0 savings. Try to move as much cash as possible into savings by the end of 4 weeks. Each level represents one week. You will be confronted with different opportunities for income and expenses along the way – choose wisely, or you will run out of cash. Don’t let your gas or insurance run out, or you will be stranded and the game will be over.

(6) “The Start Money Quiz Show” is very interesting. You start out with $10,000 in debt. Each question is worth money. If you answer the questions incorrectly, your debt will increase by the amount that question is worth. By answering the questions correctly, you will decrease your $10,000 debt. If you’re successful, you will have no debt by the end of the game and your dollar amount (screen’s upper right corner) will be $0 or above. When this happens, congratulations! You’ve managed to “Get-Out-Of-Debt.”

Then there’s “Financial Football” and “Financial Soccer” – you can check out those kids online games yourself!

Kids online games are SOOOO awesome!

Cheers … Amanda van der Gulik … Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

P.S. Here are some more fun money tools I found to help your Tweens and Teens learn about money skills and money management! Enjoy! ;o)
(Simply click on the photos, it will open up a new window, to take a “sneak peek” inside them!)

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