“The 6 Magical Piggy Banks For Kids” Money Cartoon – Financial Education Animation For Children

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So you want to teach your child about money and want to find a way to bring across the money concepts of saving in a fun financial education animation for children right?

Well, look no further. You have found that Money Cartoon, the one that teaches your child all about the 6 jars system of money management in a way that will actually get your child excited at the idea of saving their money. Your child will want to become a money master…and buy all the toys they want to their hearts content…

Without using YOU like their very own personal ATM/bank machine! Yeah!

In the video below, Xanthe and Quinn have a hard time saving up for their ultimate goal, they desperately want to buy the newest “Slip ‘n Slide, Side-by-Side, Two-Person Water Slide”.

The problem is they don’t have the money and their parents flat out refuse to buy it for them!

But they’re used to that. They were raised with the idea that if they wanted something then they had to come up with a way to get it. Plain and simple.

Xanthe and Quinn never got an allowance, they always found ways to earn their own money but they had a really bad habit of spending it all at once and never saving up to buy fun bigger goals.

They just can’t manage their money well until they meet the Clever Dough Guy who tells them the story about “The 6 Magical Piggy Banks”.

They wanted the slide but just didn’t know what to do to make that happen.

They knew how to be resourceful and come up with fun ways to earn their own money but just didn’t know how to resist temptation and save their money instead of spending it right way on goodies and toys.

Some of the ways they liked to earn money were:

  • Pet sitting
  • Walking dogs
  • Collecting the mail
  • Painting shabby fences
  • Raking leaves in the fall
  • …and many other helpful tasks for their family and neighbours

One day Quinn and Xanthe were talking about their problem of not knowing how to manage their money and their dream of owning the brand new “Slip-n-Slide, Side-by-Side, 2-Person Water Slide”. They were stumped as to what to do and really wanted someone to help them figure it out.

Just then one of the dollars that they had just earned from their last job, fell out of Xanthe’s hand and dropped on the ground. As Quinn was bending down to pick it up for his sister, the dollar bill jumped up into the air and became alive. It actually turned into a cute little guy with a big dollar sign on his chest and a red baseball cap on his head.

Xanthe and Quinn stood staring at him in amazement. They couldn’t stop blinking!

Then he started to speak and introduced himself to these two amazing children, “Hi, I’m the Clever Dough Guy” he said.

Neither Xanthe nor Quinn could speak, they just kept staring and blinking their eyes.

The Clever Dough Guy continued to introduce himself and explained how he had come to help them learn how to manage their money.

He told them how they could use “The 6 Magical Piggy Banks” money management system to have their money work hard for them, instead of always having to work hard for their money.

He told them about his 6 friends, who each wanted to save their money their own way, and how they always fought about which way was the right way to save.

“Grow” wanted to save his money to invest in things that would make his money grow.

“Give” wanted to save her money to give to others to help them in times of need.

“Learn” wanted to save his money so he would always have money to learn, like going to college or buy a book to learn new things, like astronomy.

“Rain” was scared that bad things may happen and wanted to save her money for that rainy day when her world might turn up-side-down.

“Goal” wanted to save her money to buy something really cool, like a new bike, or a fun family trip to Disney land!

“Fun” just wanted to spend all of his money on fun stuff right now, like going to the movies or buying candy.

They always fought until one day they decided to make a deal and save a little bit of their money in each of their special piggy banks.

Xanthe and Quinn finally found their voices and asked the Clever Dough Guy a ton of questions about each of the piggy banks and then really wanted to know, “….and how is it magical?” they asked.

Just as the Clever Dough Guy was about to answer, he saw some people walking their way and disappeared back into the dollar bill on the ground.

Xanthe and Quinn were sad to see their new friend disappear and they really had wanted to know how to make their money work like magic.

Saddened but enlightened they went home to create their own “6 Magical Piggy Banks” to see if they could figure out how to make them work like magic.

They thought of even more fun jobs to do that helped others and earned them money to put into their new 6 Magical Piggy Banks and watched their banks grow, and grow…and GROW!

That’s when they realized what the Clever Dough Guy had meant about the 6 Piggy Banks being Magical. Because Xanthe and Quinn were dividing their earnings 6 ways, and letting each one grow, they were allowing their money to start working for them…that was the magic!

They now had money in each of their 6 money jars: Grow, Give, Learn, Rain, Goal and Fun.

With their Grow money they could use that money to buy supplies for their businesses, like lemonade for their lemonade stand, new rakes for their raking business, and better umbrellas for their mail collection and dog walking jobs.

With their Give money they were able to help those in need, like their local animal and homeless shelters.

With their Learn money there were able to learn about new things they were interested in, like the new astronomy book that Xanthe had always wanted.

Their Rain money was saving up very nicely so they would be okay if one day their world turned temporarily up-side-down, like if their bikes got flat tires.

With the Goal money they were able to finally save up for their “Slip-n-Slide, Side-by-Side, 2-Person Water Slide”!

And with their Fun money they could enjoy a nice cold ice cream after their fun in the sun on their new water slide!

Xanthe and Quinn were so happy with how their money was working for them and the magic that they were seeing that they wanted to share the magic with their friends. They invited them over to enjoy their new water slide while they told them all about their new 6 Magical Piggy Banks money management system.

Their friends saw the rewards that Xanthe and Quinn were now enjoying from their saved money and wanted to enjoy them too. So they each created their own 6 money jars and started to divide their money into them too and told their friends as well!

You’re child will LOVE it! 😀

Watch the money cartoon below with your kids to find out the special secret to saving to make their own goals come true.

Enjoy! I can’t wait to hear what you think about it! Please leave your comments below and don’t forget to share this video with your friends on Facebook, simply click on the ‘Like’ button above, next to the video. Thanks. ;o)

Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

P.S. My kids just LOVE this video! (Probably because they get to play the starring roles!) ;o) Make sure to let me know how you liked the video and what your kids thought of it. Thanks so much, you and your children mean the world to me.

Feel free to let your friends know about it so we can empower more kids. Simply click on the ‘Share’ button below to share with your friends. Thanks for paying it forward! 😀

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“Together we can raise kids and teens who are money savvy and get to follow their dreams because they know how to handle and value their money…and not come back crawling home to mom and dad to get them out of financial trouble!”



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64 Responses to “The 6 Magical Piggy Banks For Kids” Money Cartoon – Financial Education Animation For Children

  1. Samuela Vercelli says:

    thank you Amanda, this is really interesting, not only for children, for adults too.
    I think for some of us parents it is difficult to teach children about money because we ourselves don’t have clear ideas about it, so thank you very much, I will use this for myself first!

    • Amanda says:

      Samuela, thank-you so much for your wonderful comment.

      I know what you mean. It does seem hard to teach something so important to our kids when we ourselves are only just beginning to learn.

      But you know what I’ve learned over the years?

      The absolute best way to learn something is to teach that which you wish to learn!

      I know, that sounds a little backwards doesn’t it? ;o)

      But it’s not. When you teach what you want to learn, you must do your homework and learn to make sure what you teach is true and accurate, and you must be willing to be completely genuine.

      AND… because it is so important to you that you teach this new subject well to your student, you will do everything in your power not only to teach them well but to learn well yourself, and therefore the end result will be that you absorb the information SOOOOo much better! ;o)

      Seriously, I highly recommend it! ;o)

      Good luck and let me know if I can help you in any other way.

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  2. Ali'e Weber says:

    Hi Amanda,
    What a great concept … teaching children at a young age … with humor, helping
    them think for themselves, creating encouragement by action and setting a
    positive example for them to use!
    Sometimes it takes generations to make a change for the better.
    These educational sites touch the very core of the needs so many of us learned so
    many years later. You are the creme de la creme of teaching!
    Love and Luck,


    • Amanda says:

      Oh thank-you Ali’e, what very kind words you write.

      I’m just so thrilled that this cartoon is getting such wonderful reviews and I am sure it will help our young to learn about money in a fun way. I plan to make more of these for sure! ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  3. Andrea Schilling says:

    I loved your cartoon and the story and what you are trying to teach children. I have two small children and I will try put this into action. Thank you for all your awesome ideas!

    • Amanda says:

      You are so welcome Andrea, and thank-you for your wonderful comments and more importantly for helping your kids learn about money. You’re a wonderful parent, you have some very lucky kiddos! ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  4. Peter says:

    Hi Amanada,
    Love the cartoon, especially your narration – great work.

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Peter,

      Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the lovely comment about my narration. That’s very sweet of you. ;o)

      Make sure to pass this along to any kids you know and their parents. Thanks. ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  5. Sharyn says:

    Amanda, what a great job you did on the video and story…I can see why Xanthe and Quinn love it. The narrating was very well done, you have a great voice for that.
    All in all, very impressive. I wish you lots of success with the marketing of it and I’m sure the comic book and colouring books will be as well done….
    Love your imagination….

    • Amanda says:

      Thank-you Aunty Sharyn,

      I truly appreciate your kind thoughts and encouragement. I had so much fun doing the narrative. I am looking forward to making many more of these fun short stories with different money and life skills.

      Rob is busy putting the comic book and colouring books on Amazon, so that will be done shortly as well.

      It’s all very exciting for sure, and I definitely have the most amazing friends and partners who are helping to spread this message around the world.

      Love you lots, have a great time back home.

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  6. Really enjoyed the cartoon. Simple message delivered well. I can see how all kids can understand this because of the way you presented it.

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Bonnie,

      Thanks for your lovely words. I’m really glad you enjoyed the cartoon and can see how beneficial it is for our kids.

      I really appreciate your support. Thanks so much.

      And I also love what you do with helping kids learn to read and write and increase their math skills. Especially if our kids may have Dyslexia or other learning disabilities. I think your materials are just awesome. And it was such a pleasure meeting you on the cruise also.

      What a wonderful lady you are! ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  7. Lisa Ashton says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to your and Elizabeth Donati’s emails. I am in the process of launching a new business called Financial Fitness for Families and would love your permission to link my site to yours.

    I have been laughed at by Financial Advisors for wanting to focus on helping and empowering people by educating them about money. I want to help people reach financial peace by budgeting their way to success. Following you and Elizabeth have been my encouragement when I feel that I am about to give up. I feel that life has to be about meaning not just aboput the money I could make.

    Keep up the good work, and continued success helping children learn about money



    • Amanda says:

      Hi Lisa,

      thank-you so much for your kind words. They mean so much.

      I am thrilled that Elisabeth and I have been able to keep you encouraged with your own mission to empower families with financial wisdom, great job! I can’t wait to see what you put together, you know I will love to review it for you and make any suggestions to help you with it! Just let me know when you’re ready.

      As for linking your site to mine, it very easy.

      When you join up to be one of my teaching children about money members you are automatically given an affiliate link to my site.

      If you are not yet a teaching children about money member, simply go to http://www.teachingchildrenaboutmoney.com and opt-in for the free gift. Then once you confirm your request for my free gift then you will have access to the members-only area where you will find your own personal unique affiliate id in your ‘share’ or ‘promote’ area of the membership.

      Then simply put your affiliate link on my site and then you can offer wonderful free gifts to your own members and if they ever choose to purchase any of my courses then you will earn 50% of that as my way of thanking you for promoting financial education to kids and families. ;o)

      And as for me putting your link on my site, that too is simple, just send me your site and your products to review and I will take a thorough look at them and then let my members know all about them here on my blog with a link back to your site.

      As long as your website and materials are empowering to families, as I’m sure yours is, then I am very happy to promote that for you.

      Just email me amanda (at) teachingchildrenaboutmoney (dot) com and I’ll take a look for you. You can also write your own article for my blog as a ‘guest post’. ;o)

      So happy to meet you and to see you empowered and inspired to follow your dreams! I wish you all the success I’m sure you will find.

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

      P.S. If any one else would also like to link to my site as Lisa wishes to, I offer you all the same opportunity. If you are already a teaching children about money member, simply login to your members area here: http://www.teachingchildrenaboutmoney.com/login.php and go to your ‘promote’ or ‘share’ area to find your own affiliate link that you can then post on your own site, facebook, twitter, etc.

      If you are not yet a teaching children about money member then simply go here to opt-in for your own free gifts to empower your kids about money and then you’ll find your affiliate link once you’re confirmed your request inside your members-only area: http://teachingchildrenaboutmoney.com

      And if you would like me to promote you or place your link on my page then simply email me at amanda (at) teachingchildrenaboutmoney (dot) com and I’ll review your site and your material for you and as long as I find your material and message to be pure of heart and empowering for families then I will be happy to promote you or have you write a ‘guest post’ for my blog with a link back to your own site.

      We will help the world together by sharing and loving each other.

      Thanks everyone! You are all sooo incredibly awesome!!! ;o)

  8. Celeste Repchuk says:

    Wow thats really cool! 😀 Did you make all of those drawings? or did your kids?
    Thats such a great idea! 😀

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks so much Celeste. And I loved your birthday video you did for your dad too! ;o)

      Yes, those are my own illustrations, boy am I talented or what! LOL ;o)
      I have a few other short stories about my own two kiddos that I will be working on soon and maybe I’ll get them to illustrate those and then we can see who is the better artist! (I’m sure they will win! Xanthe is definitely VERY artistic!) ;o)

      Love you Celeste, so lovely meeting you this year on the cruise, see you on the next one!

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  9. Lucia says:

    So proud of you, you did a great job. And the patience you have, to sit down and do it all, is incredible. I know you love kids and you are really great with them.
    You are also great with adults as well, you will help anyone who needs you.
    Thank you for helping me with my book, http://www.StolenIdentityBook.com/
    And I know your own children love you so much as well as your two beautiful nieces, they adore their Aunty Amanda.

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Mommy,

      I’m always so pleased to hear your support of my efforts. You are the woman who taught me that life is what you make it and if you want to be happy in life then you simply need to choose to be happy!

      Thank-you so much for your kind and loving words.

      I’m also so proud of you for going after your own dreams and writing your first novel. You pushed through language and computer barriers and simply went for your dream, and now you’re writing your sequel! I’m just so proud to be your daughter.

      I love you. ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

      P.S. If any of you want to curl up with a great novel, then I highly recommend you get my mom’s book ‘Stolen Identity’. It’s not a kids’ book, so this is just for you, the parent. You can read the first five chapters and get your copy here: http://www.StolenIdentityBook.com

  10. Fantastic Video Amanda,
    Very well done – I LOVE IT!
    Tracy Repchuk
    Bestselling Author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Tracy! ;o)

      I’m so pleased that you love it and I’m honoured the Celeste also left a comment above. It’s so nice to know how appreciated my cartoon is.

      I’m just so glad that the kids are getting the message and the parents are enjoying the cartoon as well.

      You know I’m a huge fan of yours. It was so much fun being on stage with you on the cruise, what a laugh we had!!! WOOF! ;o) (inside joke)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

      P.S. If any of you want to join Tracy and I on the next cruise check it out here:
      http://cleverdoughkids.com/cruise/ (a great place to get your kids hanging out with happy, optimistic, entrepreneurial people! My kids LOVE it, we go on it every year!!!)

  11. Hi Amanda,

    Your new version is probably better, I liked hearing the bit in the beginning because I already know you, but if this is for a product or promotion it probably is better to have just the story. You can use the bit about Xanthe and Quinn in your promotion text!


    • Amanda says:

      Thank-you for your valuable input Annie, you always give me such wonderful advice and loving comments, I am just as much fan of you as you are of me! ;o)

      You do great work for families, keep up the fabulous job Annie! ;o)

      And thanks for the great idea to use the beginning of the cartoon for the promotion video, great idea!!;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  12. Robert Steinberg says:

    Great job Amanda, this is a really nice way to teach kids how to manage their money, it’s fun and efficient at the same time. Once my kids will grow a little I shall send them to you for training on how to manage their financials!
    Keep up with the important work you are doing, can’t wait for the next video!
    Take care, Robert

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Robert,

      I’m so glad your family enjoyed the cartoon. I’ve just finished the comic book and colouring book that will go along with this cartoon. I’ll have to test them out on your kiddos, and see if they like them! ;o)

      I appreciate your wonderful support. You’re the best!
      And you know your children are always welcome here! ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  13. Gonny says:

    Heel leuk Amanda, knap gedaan ik wens je veel succes en ga zo door!
    ik zal het door sturen naar vrienden is dat goed?

    • Amanda says:

      Dankjewel Mama! ;o)
      Natuurlijk, stuur maar door, alvast bedankt! ;o)

      Ik heb net een stripverhaal van gemaakt en ook een kleurboek.


      Amanda…Enthousiaste Levens Genieter! ;o)

  14. Winsome says:

    Well done Amanda
    Can’t wait to see what reaction my grandchildren have to this.
    A great teaching tool

    • Amanda says:

      Thank-you Winsome,

      I appreciate that, I can’t wait to hear how your grandchildren like it. Make sure to let me know. ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  15. Great job, Amanda! Have you thought of introducing this into the public school system?

    • Amanda says:

      Yes Richard,

      I would love to have this in the school system. Now I just need to figure out how to do that! ;o)

      If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears!

      I’m working on the comic book version right now, hope to have that done soon.

      Thanks for your great support and wonderful ideas!

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  16. Fabulous! What a ‘clever’ way to introduce children to the idea that their money has more than one job. I teach this method in all of our Camp Millionaire and Money Game programs and the kids love it.

    p.s. The Money Jars (as I call them) work great for big kids (aka, adults), too!

    Great work Amanda!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Elisabeth, ;o)

      I LOVE your Camp Millionaire and your Winnning The Money Game that you have and run to teach kids and teens about money.

      You are such a dear friend and wonderful supporter, it’s so wonderful that our ideas work so well together.

      Thanks for your kinds words. ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  17. Amanda!
    This is such great information and in such a fun way that kids can ‘get’ it!
    You have really knocked it out of the park again.

    To Celebrate, Bouncer’s Bounce House Inflatables wants to extend all you little entrepreneurs a special discount on any bounce house or waterslide purchased from viewing this cartoon! Email info@zerovib.com and say they love “The 6 Magical Piggy Banks” and we will give them a special discount on their purchase (will vary in value depending on the unit they purchase).

    Thank you for loving kids so much that you provide such great information. Your love shines through!

    Christine Hiebel
    Bouncers Bounce House Inflatables

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Christine,

      oh my head is starting to swell with all these fabulous comments about my little cartoon.

      Thank-you sooooooo much! ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  18. Ryan says:

    Great job.

    Cool idea and well executed.

  19. Very adorable video, Amanda!

    Simply designed characters that children can identify with and a cute story line. Maybe you can pair the video with a blog post with a few tips on eco friendly craft projects that parents can do with kids to make the magical piggy banks and then share the post with financial education organizations who publish newsletters etc.

    I will share it with my networks also.

    With love from Chile 🙂


    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Shonika,

      The kids are just loving it! It’s so rewarding that they are getting the message! ;o)

      I appreciate your great ideas. I have done a workshop with some local kids where we turned 6 toilet paper rolls into 6 magical piggy banks so I’m going to put together an outline for parents or teachers to use and then a template for the tops and bottoms and the labels for the piggy banks too.

      I love the fact that they are recycling while learning about money!

      Thanks for sharing it with your networks for me, I really appreciate your help to get this message out, I love what you do.

      You are a true inspiration down there in Chile and EVERYWHERE!!! ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  20. Paul says:

    Amanda – this is GREAT 🙂
    Awesome job!!!
    Really nice story!

    What’s the topic of the next one ?!?!?!


    • Amanda says:

      ;o) I know Paul, my creative juices are already thinking of the next one!! ;o)

      Thanks so much for your wonderful words of encouragement! ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  21. Jacquie says:

    Well done Amanda et al! I will show my kids tonight.. They will love it too!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Jacquie,

      I can’t wait to hear how they like it too! ;o)

      And feel free to pass this along to your friends and family who have kids so they can enjoy it too!

      Thanks Jacquie, you have always been such a wonderful support to our family, especially to my mom with her first novel “Stolen Identity” http://www.StolenIdentityBook.com

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  22. Daniel says:

    Great fun – thanks for sharing. What software did you use?

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Daniel,

      I used paint, powerpoint, and camtasia to create this as well as my trusty old paper and markers! ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  23. Alex Poff says:

    This is an excellent video, absolutely love it!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Alex,

      Let me know what your kids think of it too! ;o)

      And thanks for passing this on to your friends and family. I really appreciate your support with this.

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  24. Joe says:

    Nicely done. Very clean, simple, straight forward production, supports the good and helpful message. I like Qinn’s shorts — like father like son.

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Joe,

      Yes, it was manditory that Quinn be in shorts of course!!! ;o)

      Make sure you pass this video on to your congregation, family and friends.
      I appreciate your help and support Joe.

      You’re so awesome!!! ;o)

      I’ll have to tell Rob to take it easy on you at squash! ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  25. Amanda this is gorgeous! Who drew the pictures? What a clever idea to make your own cartoon, you have such wonderful ideas to help kids learn about money!

    I used to use jars with my kids, but I like your six magical piggy banks so much more!
    Actually you’ve inspired me to start my own 6 magical piggy banks – I wouldn’t mind one of those side by side slip and slides! (don’t tell anyone my kids have left home)

    Just love your work, you are sensational!
    Annie D

    • Amanda says:

      Oh WOW Annie,

      you are making my head swell with happiness and joy! ;o)

      I would love one of those slides too! ;o)

      I drew all the illustrations myself. I tell you, I’m that talented! Ha ha!
      Stick figures is about as flash as it gets with me unless I’m decorating a cake, that’s another story! ;o)

      (you can see some of those here: http://www.funcakedecoratingideas.com/blog)

      I’m so glad my 6 Magical Piggy Banks have inspired you to create your own too! And I like the idea of using clear jars so kids can see their money grow, I just also liked the idea of letting kids be crafty with little money needed to get started. I mean we all use toilet paper right?

      Well most of us anyway! ha ha

      All my love, thanks Annie, you’re the best! ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  26. So cute!!!! Great job Amanda!! I love the message in your story:)

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Patrick,

      I am so glad that my message is getting through so well and that it’s being received so well. This was a work of passion for me.

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  27. Frank Sousa says:

    Great job Amanda, I love it! Very cute.

  28. Angelo Campione says:

    Great work Amanda, an excellent resource for the young ones.


  29. Richard Powell says:

    Outstanding! My kids will be watching this tonight.

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks so much Richard. Thrilled with all the wonderful responses! ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

      P.S. make sure you post how your kids like it after they watch it too! ;o)

    • Amanda says:

      thank-you Amy, glad you liked it. Can’t wait to hear how your two beautiful little girls enjoy it!

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  30. Zhenya says:

    Well done! Love Quinn’s hair. 🙂

  31. Carolyn Lewis says:

    Great job! I am reposting this for my grandkids to see. Thanks!!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Carolyn,

      I appreciate your support, this was a true work of love. I can’t wait to hear how your grandkids like this!

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

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