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Subconscious suggestions and subliminal technology has been around for more than 3 decades and the first time it was used was in 1970’s, where advertisers flash subliminal messages on the screen to advertise their products and the end results? The American public was induced to buy their products.Their reviews and tests actually got into some really mixed results.

Some agreed that they felt the need to buy the particular product, but others beg to differ and claimed that they did not feel any after effect. What was discovered was that it was the state of some of the people that allowed them to be more retentive to these messages, and it was found that these people were actually much more relaxed than the others who reported that they did not have any sense of any sort of cravings or need to purchase any particular set items. Difference in environment might cause the results to differ, but under controlled environment, the results would be the same.

This was because the subconscious mind is the one that the subliminal messages are being directed to, in the hope that they will get circulated within the matrix of the subconscious and eventually be part of the internal processes of the mind. The game of association is the very thing that makes the subconscious so powerful. Why this is so is because of the way the mind is working and you need to consider that the brain is set up in such a way that its critical thought processes are the one that are actually protecting the subconscious mind from dangerous associations.

One of the things about the mind is that it reacts much like an emotional sponge to many of the stimulation of the outside world, whether or not it is auditory or even visual in nature and one thing you might want to open yourself to the idea to is that the subliminal message is the most powerful tool in actually influencing the subconscious mind. This is because it actually passes through the defenses of the logical mind, which covers areas like the rationale thought processes and the critical functions of the mind.

Now, science has always discovered that it was useful to conduct controlled experiments on the mind, and using sensitive equipment and actually through more traditional processes like hypnotism, they were able to understand that there is actually an inner consciousness that has a voice on its own, and it becomes more acutely aware of its surroundings as the rationale mind is sunk under.

This is how you can transform your life and improve yourself to be a better person.

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