The Secret Of The Law Of Attraction

Some people seem to have luck in everything they undertake, while others are haunted by bad luck and fail all the time. After a long series of unfortunate events, both personally and professionally, Rhonda Byrne, author of the famous book ‘The Secret’, claims to have discovered what distinguishes the lucky ones from those who are less fortunate. It’s all about the way in which people apply the law of attraction.

Initially, agree with me that the law of gravity exists, regardless of your beliefs. This is also available for the Universal Laws. Not only that these laws exist, but they concern you directly. Of all the laws, the law of attraction is the most powerful one. It states that your thoughts and beliefs influence your life. Here’s how it works. When you focus your mind on what you want, the object of your desire is attracted to you.

Here are the principles of the law of attraction, which you can apply to attract luck in all areas of your life, as many others do:

Consider yourself a magnet that attracts energies in accordance with the subtle vibrations produced by your thoughts and emotions. Happenings and experiences you live are the result of your thoughts. If you don’t trust yourself and your ability to attract wealth, love and health, you block the positive energy, because your impatience acts as a barrier.

It is said that lucky people are more detached from their ultimate purpose, leaving the laws of the universe to help them. Lucky people feel lucky and trust themselves, without being overwhelmed by problems that any human being has in every moment of his life.

Try to create a clear image of the desired life. If you need more money, don’t always think that you have no money right now, but on the contrary, imagine how you spend money to buy all the things you want. Avoid complaining or saying that you’re poor.

Many of you are probably thinking that ‘I focused my attention on money for years, so why am I not prosperous?’ The law of attraction is simple and clear. However, our thoughts are usually poorly targeted, being influenced by external factors. For example, you can say ‘I want a new relationship.’ At this time, the universe prepares circumstances and events to bring a new relationship to you. By saying ‘I’m feeling alone’, you stop the flow of positive energy. Love yourself and have trust in your powers, because you’re the only one who can make a difference.

Remember that everything, absolutely everything that happens in your life is attracted to you through the images created in your mind. Start doing things that influence your mood positively. When it comes about the law of attraction, each detail matters. An interesting book, some good music or a beautiful picture can help you to get rid of negative thoughts.

You attract exactly what you’re thinking about and people who think and feel like you. Eventually, your whole existence is determined by your thoughts and feelings.

A journal is a good tool to make you realize how many beautiful things are in your life. Amazing sunsets, birds singing, wild flowers, the laughter of a child, a walk in nature, the smile of a another person- these are all examples that melt your heart. Be grateful and enjoy everything you. Many people have lost the loved ones or don’t have the possibility to enjoy the world around them. Try to see the best part and stop thinking that something bad can happen to you.

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