Keeping an eye on your goals

Goal review is an essential discipline for any effective goal manager. Simply put, the more frequently you review your goals, the more effective they become. Reviewing goals activates the minds inherent and very powerful ability to create solutions when presented with a problem or challenge to focus upon.

Remember this rule, you absolutely must review each of your goals once per week at the minimum. If that is all the time you have, make sure you allow for at least an hour or more. It’s actually the amount of time per goal that matters, aim for 3-5 minutes per goal, per session. If you have a lot of goals set, you may have to review them in 2 or 3 separate sessions. This is all the more reason to have goal review sessions more frequently!

Your goal management program will be much more effective if you are able to review your goals each day for at least 15-30 minutes. The fact is if you want maximum progress on your goals each day, why not take at least a few moments to look over your goals list everyday?

Reviewing goals is part of the larger goal management process. Generally when you review goals your only action will be to make notes. This is not the time for detailed planning of the goal steps, or making any big changes to the goal details. In fact it is an opportunity for you to visualize the goal and review the tasks and milestones planned for the goal.

Daily goal review works well with the creation of a daily to-do list. If you make reviewing your goals part of the creation of your to-do list it is a chance to add your goal-driven tasks to your list and get them done.

From the mental side of goal review, it is beneficial to clear your mind and become relaxed before you start your goal review session. Deep breathing or meditation can help in achieving this. If you find it difficult to focus during a goal review session, just remember what a massively positive impact achieving more of your goals will have in every area of your life. Return your focus to the review of your goals.

Create a picture in your mind of each goal being achieved as you review it. Play a little movie clip in your mind of the goal being achieved. You might be crossing the finish line at the race and you look up at the timing clock, and there it is, a time slightly better than your goal. Perhaps you see yourself relaxing on the deck at your new home. Or you are at the beach in Cancun, relaxing with your happy family and soaking up the suns rays. By directing the movies in your mind creatively you can program yourself to fully commit to the vision that the goal represents.

Reviewing your goals is an essential step in making progress towards the achievements you deserve. Make it a regular aspect of your goal management program and you will be successful in creating more of what you want in your life.

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