What’s Your Point of View?

Two Weeks ago I was traveling with my husband to San Diego for a ‘weekend away without our kiddos’.

It was heavenly. We love our children very dearly, but it’s also nice to have some quality time alone with your life partner as well! ;o)

We were on our way to meet the people from www.CreateYourOwnMindMovie.com. It was fantastic. (They are the guys who help you put your vision board into a movie format.)

While we were traveling through the terminal we noticed something magnificent!


You know the gang-way that you need to walk through to get to your plane right?

Well, on both sides of the walls of the gang-way were these incredible images with very bold statements.

They caught my eye and made me think of you guys.

We are a different set of people, we have taken our own dreams of teaching our children about money and taken the positive action to join up other like-minded parents to stay continuously inspired and supported.

So I wrote down the bold statements that I found that day. I wanted to pass them on to you all.

Just as a reminder that we are all different, with different views.
The views are neither wrong nor right, they are just different.

But it is this positive difference that changes our futures.

Enjoy, them as much as I did. Then reflect and make a conscious choice as to which view you are going to take to make your life the ultimate life of your dreams.

And share them with us below in your replies to this post.

Here they are, ENJOY!

What’s YOUR point of view?

Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast!

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