Excited Life Enthusiast!

Good day to YOU!

Today I want to remind you to be ENTHUSIASTIC about your life!

Even if you feel rotten, imagine you feel ON-TOP-OF-THE-WORLD!

When you hear your phone ring, before you answer, quickly tell yourself, how incredibly excited the person on the other end of the phone is to speak to you!

You’ll make THEIR day with your attitude as you answer the phone!

End all your emails with a positive signature:

Mine is always…Excited Life Enthusiast!

Come up with a signature that feels right for you.

And then post your signature in the feedback for this post below!

Share your ideas and help your fellow family members to be more Enthusiastic about their lives! ;o)

Some days are BAD!


MORE days are GOOD!

It’s your choice how you choose to look at it.

Is your glass half empty…


Is your glass half full with plenty of good room to fill it up even MORE?! ;o)

Make yourself feel grateful for the dreams you know you will achieve by watching your dreams on a daily, continual, subliminal basis. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at your results.

When you make your mind up to be happy and to achieve your dreams…

and you know in your heart that all of your goals have been accomplished…

that your dreams are simply waiting for you to catch up with them…

That’s when you will see YOUR successes come flowing in!

Here are MY dreams, (I have them playing on my computer, transparently, ALL day long! On top of everything I do! Subliminally changing my life as they they play!) ;o)


Tell me YOUR dreams?

Share them with me below in your reply to my post today.

Here’s to your continued success,

Cheers….Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life & “Kids and Money” Enthusiast!

P.S. Get Your Own Vision Board Playing Subliminally, Transparently, on Your Computer All Day LONG!
Get it Here Right NOW! ;o)

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