bad news…

Do you watch the news?

How does it make you feel?

Why do you watch the news?

Have you ever wondered why you watch the news?

It’s called the “Rubber Neck Effect”.

Here’s an example from internet guru, Frank Kern, of what I mean:

You’re driving down the highway and you see a beautiful field of colourful flowers all in bloom…

You would probably notice it briefly but would you slow down to enjoy the moment?

Most of us wouldn’t.

Now you drive by a horrible accident, ambulance, police, mangled cars, blood and glass everywhere…

Most of us would slow down to see it, right?

Why is this?

It’s human nature, we have a “rubber neck” that twists to see the bad news…

But what is it doing to your life?

Do you really need to watch the news?

Why fill your mind with horrible images that you then send back out into your future through the law of attraction.

Instead, why not simply refuse to watch the news, refuse to read the newspaper, refuse to listen to the news on the radio.

Did you know that the news that you NEED to hear about, you will?

Even if you don’t watch the news…

If it’s important enough to know, someone will tell you about it. They always do.

So save your precious mind space for only the positive news, the really important negative news will find you anyway so don’t go out and purposely find it, let it find you instead.

Be in control of the thoughts and ideas that you let in.

Stop your own “Rubber Neck Effect”!

Here’s to your success…

Cheers….Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life & “Kids and Money” Enthusiast!

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