So What About The Little Guy?

My question to you is:

Do you want to be a “Little Guy” or do you want to be a “Big Guy”?

I know what I want…

I want to be HUMONGOUS!!!

Don’t accept only what you can easily have, GO FOR MORE!!!

It’s the path to the dream that is the happiness, no path, no happiness.

As parents I invite you to encourage your children (like a tough football coach) to ALWAYS go for MORE!

We have softened society enough.

We don’t fail students anymore, we don’t give out papers marked in red ink anymore…

Where does this end? What will this do to our budding entrepreneurs?

The ones who are destined to grow up to support our world?

If we crush their goals, mush their reaches, than it will be ONLY our OWN FAULT that they won’t amount to anything BIG and succeed in life NOT only for themselves, but also for US!

Push your child to reach a lot further, and remind them to ENJOY their journey.

It’s the struggle that we enjoy not the landing point.

Here’s to your child’s success!

Cheers….Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast!
Founder of the “Kids and Money” DreamRichly Group
Founder of
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