Real Life Example of the Law of Attraction

This weekend a 24 year old dream of mine finally came true!

24 years ago, my best friend in the world disappeared one
day from school and never returned.

It was a tragedy for me.

I can still clearly remember the moment it happened:

We were in gym class playing Dodge Ball when our school
secretary walked in and told my childhood best friend, of 7
years, that her mother was there to pick her up to take her
to a doctor’s appointment.

I didn’t even have a chance to say good-bye to her as the
ball was coming my way and I had to catch it or be hit by it

Then it was weekend, so I didn’t think much about my friend
being taken out of school.

But by Monday, I noticed that she had not returned.

By Wednesday, I called her home to see if she was ill.
Her father told me she wasn’t feeling well and would stay
out of school for a while.

After about a week, my parents told me that I would probably
never see her again
as her mother had taken her and her two
sisters away from their father and they would not be coming

They were on the run.

I went into a deep depression for the first time of my life,
I was only 11 years old.

My parents really didn’t know how to help me. I felt lost.
I didn’t know if she was alright or if she was even alive.

After about 2 months, I was called into my principal’s
office and told that she was in British Columbia but that he
was not allowed to tell me which school.

This disappearance haunted me for years and really affected
my own perception on life.

After about 6 months, I decided that I would probably find
her again when I was 35 years old.

I didn’t know what the “law of attraction” was, so I didn’t
realize what I had subliminally caused into action that day
that I made that desperate decision.

Now fast forward 23 years:

After many failed attempts at finding my long lost best friend,
I found myself sitting on an airplane headed back to Canada for
a long year and a half vacation to give my husband and children
the gift of truly experiencing a real Canadian year!

I had been learning about the power revealed in the movie,
“The Secret” and had already started to put what I had
learned into motion.

So I decided, while on that long plane ride from New Zealand
to Canada, that I would spend my time envisioning my reunion
with my long lost best friend.

I imagined her driving up to my birthday bon-fire party and
finally being able to give her a great big hug.

A few weeks after arriving in Canada I did have a birthday
bon-fire party but no long lost best friend showed up.

I had forgotten that you need to give it time to make the law
of attraction
work for you.

You can’t expect immediate returns, you just need to conceive
the idea, believe it will come true, give it time and then happily
receive your rewards at the end.

So fast forward 8 months:

I find her big sister on, Incredible!

Then she gives my long lost best friend’s phone number.

I call her up and we have an incredible teary, happy,
emotionally charged, conversation and make plans to meet up
that weekend. (I’m only still 34 years old).

But no such luck, she cancels on me due to family

No worries, we try again.

And we fail again!

Then I leave the country for a month and then go traveling
through the Canadian Maritimes for another month. So still
no catch up.

Then days before my next (incredibly delayed – by two
months) birthday bon-fire I email her asking if she would
like to come.

I don’t get a reply.

Then the day before I get a reply, she is coming!

But she doesn’t show up.

So I quickly check my emails during my party as it gets
later and later…

Yes, and email from her. She is sorry to say that she is
late BUT she IS still coming!

Then she arrives.

We finally get to meet each other, in person, after 24 long
years of waiting, and guess what?

I’m 35 years old AND we’re meeting for the very first time
at my birthday bon-fire party!

Talk about the “Law of Attraction” in motion!

My point?

Create your goals, clearly state and imagine what you
desire. Then trust in your heart that it will manifest, and
then enjoy the moment when your dream arrives.

I did!

But beware…

The “Law of Attraction” is always working, whether you know
it or not. So make sure you create your thoughts the way you
wish them to be.

Don’t make yourself have to wait 24 years like I did!

Here’s to your success….

Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast!
Founder of the “Kids and Money” DreamRichly Group.
Founder of

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