Prelude To A Blog – Helping Kids Start Their Own Blogs Safely

I love the idea of having my kids start their own blog.

*** BUT….Is It SAFE? ***

SisterLisa Bertolini has put together an amazing ebook as a guide for parents on how to get your children blogging safely.

Prelude To A Blog - Safe Blogging For Kids

Prelude To A Blog - Safe Blogging For Kids

She walks you through each step from creating the idea, to the blog name, to where to host it, to how to keep the blog rolling.

But most importantly she shows you how your child can make sure to keep her morals in check on her blog, how you can keep an eye on the content as her parent, and how to remain true to herself and her faith.

It can be a very scary world on the internet, but SisterLisa will show you and your child how to keep blogging safe and beneficial to your child’s spirit.

It is a Christian perspective on blogging, but any denomination or even non-denomination will get great benefit out of this incredibly useful guide to blogging.

Thank-you SisterLisa for helping us parents to get our kids blogging safely rather than just sitting in front of the TV or X-box all day long! ;o)

You can check out SisterLisa’s book “Prelude To A Blog” here:

Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast!
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