Have You Heard about Julie Kleinhans’ Successful Kids Revolution?

Last year I was asked to be a special guest speaker for Julie Kleinhans’ Online Successful Kids Revolution. It was amazing! I felt honoured to be asked, along with some pretty amazing parenting guru’s in the industry, to help parents all over the world raise successful children. We had an incredible time.

Julie has decided to do another one this year, bringing on some amazing new parenting leaders who are giving away incredible free parenting  resources, tools and gifts, and I wanted to make sure that you got a chance to hear about it!

Click here to register for the Free Online Successful Kids Revolution, it will fill up FAST!

Check out all the speakers we had last year. Can you find my pic? 😀

As you may already know, this is the first year I’ve sent my kiddos to school, after homeschooling them for over 12 years. It has been a truly amazing experience for us all but there are definitely days when we feel discouraged for sure.

Do you ever feel discouraged by what’s happening in our schools like I sometimes do?

Are you a parent or teacher who needs a little extra guidance or who wants to help your children?

Having an education system that supports every single child – your child – is a reasonable desire. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to create the environment your child needs for his or her personal success? And even the tools and methods to help create your own personal success?

If you answered YES! I’m excited to invite you to join me in a revolution that is the only online global event of its kind that specifically focuses on how you can help yourself and your kids!

Starting January 26th, Julie Kleinhans will have 24 of the world’s leading experts on personal development, parenting, health and education for adults and children. They are coming together online to help you ensure success for yourself and your child at home and in our schools.

The truth is that many parents don’t know what they can do to help their kids at school (and even at home). That’s why this event is going to cover the hot topics of what you need to know to help your family!

You’ll get the latest information to expand your mental, physical and spiritual awareness too!

AND….It’s absolutely FREE . . . and it’s easy to listen in from your computer or your phone. 😀

Who is Julie Kleinhans?

Well she’s a Law of Attraction Coach, Youth Empowerment and Education Mentor…as well as just a down right nice lady who wants to help all of our kiddos!

Click here to Join Successful Kids Revolution Now! …and you’ll gain access to over 25 hours of tips, tools, inspiration and more absolutely free!

Starting January 26th you’ll learn first-hand from experts like John Grey, Christy Whitman, Dr. Alex Loyd, Shelly Lefkoe, Anat Baniel, Dr. Bradley Nelson, Dawn Clark, Dr. Meg Blackburn LoseyHarrison Klein, Jeff Goelitz from HeartMath, Maureen Moss, Dr. Sue Morter, Tia Ross from Motivating the Masses, Richard Gordon, Tristan & Sabrina Truscott, Jeffrey Gignac, Joe Nunziata, Debra Poneman, MaryEllen Tribby and more…

You’ll finally have a plan for you and your family! I’m personally very excited to hear from this year’s speakers, can’t wait to find out some new ways to help my own two kiddos make the most of their schooling experience.

This global tele-summit event WILL support and empower you to…

  • Maximize your child’s physical, cognitive and emotional performance
  • Raise your kid’s self-esteem
  • Use the Law of Attraction to help with bullying and behavior problems
  • Be more conscious of your own emotions and feelings to strengthen your parenting and teaching skills
  • Overcome ADD and ADHD through positive brain change
  • Clear toxic emotions to make you a better student, parent or teacher
  • Turn your immune system back on and reduce the effects of stress on aging
  • Live your life happy (it’s a skill kids can learn way before adulthood!)
  • Heal yourself and your children
  • Overcome any fear that’s holding you back
  • Change your beliefs instantly
  • Love your kids for who they are
  • Balance academic performance and foster innate talent in your child
  • Tame the stress dragons and navigate through challenges
  • Effectively communicate your needs with others
  • Optimize brain function
  • Adopt a positive mindset and nurture your child’s spirituality
  • Understand Karma and how it can help you be a better parent and teacher
  • And much, much more!

Claim YOUR access now!

Remember, Successful Kids Revolution is brought to you at no charge and all from the comfort of your own phone or computer – anywhere in the world. Success Begins Now!

Plus you will receive a free Bonus package with added gifts from our speakers worth over $1,000!

I highly recommend this series! You won’t find this combination of speakers and topics anywhere else and there’s no better way to spend your time than in honing your skills to help the children in your life! I look forward to spending time with you there!

Here’s to you and your child’s success!

Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

P.S. Share the love and share this article with your friends, colleagues and family members – anyone who wants to help their kids – they’re sure to appreciate the invitation.

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