Guest Post: 5 Ways to Teach Kids About Coupons

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5 Ways to Teach Kids About Coupons

If the family budget is tight, clipping coupons may be the only way to keep up with expenses. There are coupons available for practically every item and activity. Sure, searching for the right deal is time consuming. And yes, you have to prepare shopping trips in advance. But when you compare the savings, couponing is well worth the effort. Plus, coupons can provide your kids with a valuable money lesson.

Coupons are an excellent way to save money. And if you want to raise financially savvy kids, using coupons can teach them how to budget their money and spend wisely. How do you achieve this? Here are five ways to get your kids interested in coupons.

1. Let them participate with coupon clipping. If your kids are old enough, assign them the job of checking the mail and newspaper for usable coupons. This can include coupons for groceries, restaurants and other activities. Provide them with a list of items to look for, and then have them sort the coupons in a binder. For older kids, introduce them to coupons as another source for excellent deals and savings.

2. Plan meals around your coupons. Before heading to the grocery store, sit down with your kids and plan the weekly meals. Go through your stack of coupons, and if possible, plan your meals according to  your coupons. Write down the items and ingredients you’ll need, and have your kids search the binder for appropriate coupons. This simple activity can encourage your children to spend their money wisely.

3. Check for coupons before retail shopping. If possible, avoid paying full price for clothes and accessories. With sales, clearances and coupons, there’s really no reason to pay more than necessary. Maybe your daughter wants a new outfit or accessories. Make couponing a way of life. Encourage her to go online and search coupon codes for Forever 21. This is an excellent way to save on purchases, and with coupon codes, you get more for your money.

4. Show your kids the receipt. Some children aren’t able to grasp the savings. In fact, they may be unable to grasp anything outside of their gaming device. To help them understand the benefits of coupons, show your kids the receipt after each purchase. Depending on the store, the coupon may include the total savings at the bottom. With this approach, the savings become real to your children, and they’re more likely to use coupons in the future.

5. Maximize your savings. Choose your shopping days carefully. For example, if your local grocery store has double coupon days, you might shop on these days to increase your savings. Likewise, if the store has a savings card, you can combine these deals with a coupon to lower your total grocery bill.

Saving doesn’t come naturally for children. But if you’re persistent and make couponing fun, they’ll develop an interest and learn how to spend wisely. Even if your children are young, teaching them how to use coupons can provide a good financial foundation and help them develop good money management skills as they become older.

About the Author: Jenna is a freelance writer who is normally writing about personal and family finance. Jenna has been writing online for a few years now and likes to mix up her topics when she can, she loves writing about health and pets! When Jenna is not writing you can find her riding her bike or walking her dog!

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