Some Great Money Games for Younger Kids!

I was just emailed a recommendation request by one of my valued members. Her child is only 5 years old and she was looking to get a fun game to teach her child about money but most of the games seem to be for the older kiddos. However there are a few that are great for the younger ones too.

I know there are many parents who are feeling the same way, they’d like to have some fun money games for their kiddos but for younger ones. So I decided to put a list together of the ones that I have used for my own two wonderful kiddos, Xanthe and Quinn, when they were younger.

I played Monopoly Junior and Cashflow for Kids with my kiddos when they were that young and they loved them.

I took a quick look for you on Amazon and here are some that I found:

Cashflow For Kids

Cashflow for Kids Board Game – this one also comes with the book “Rich Dad’s Guide to Raising Your Child’s Financial I.Q.” from Robert Kiyosaki. On the site they say it’s for kids 6+ but I found it’s fine for 5 year olds too if you’re playing with them. I love it because it uses shapes for money, and stand up pieces for the assets and liabilities, etc. really makes it fun. It’s not a cheap one, but definitely worth the investment for sure!


Cashflow for Kids - At Home

Cashflow for Kids at Home Computer Game – the site says for ages 8+ but there are three levels inside the game, and one is for the younger kiddos that uses building a garden and feeding rabbits carrots instead of money as its theme to teach the  money lessons on a lower level and the great thing is as your child gets older then he or she can do the higher level games that use the money part of the game. My kiddos really loved this one, they have to try to avoid getting ‘skunked’ and thought that was so much fun! ;o)


Monopoly Junior

Monopoly Junior – This is a great one to get started with, my favourite is the lemonade stand version, my kiddos loved the rollercoaster version. There are many different versions but they all play the same way. Your child buys lemonade stands and makes money when someone lands on their space. It’s a very simplistic version of the adult game and is great for littlies around 5 years old. The money only goes up to $5 and so makes learning money adding and subtracting really easy too at this young age.

Monopoly Junior - Race Track

Monopoly Race Track – This is a fun take on the kids version of monopoly with moving pieces on a track, great for little boys especially. We have a train one like this Cars one and Quinn loved moving the train around the board. This one is meant for ages 5+.



Monopoly Junior Computer Game

Monopoly Junior Computer Game – A computer version of the game that looks really fun. I haven’t tried this one yet, really tempted to get it though! ;o)




Hope this helps. Thanks for asking, I’ll make sure when I update my site to put up links to different games for different ages on my site.

Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast. ;o)

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