February – National Entrepreneurship Week – 18-25

February celebrates Entrepreneurs.

February 18-25 is National Entrepreneurship Week in the USA.

This week celebrates the contributions of entrepreneurs in America and the value of educating students in 21st century skills. You’ll notice an increase of entrepreneurship classes and events popping up all over! This is when many organizations celebrate and educate others about entrepreneurship.

I want to add my voice. I want to remind current and would-be entrepreneurs (yes, even our kids!) that anything is possible, even those dreams that you may have had when you were very young, but decided were too lofty or were unrealistic. I want to remind you to tell your kids that with hard work, ambition and tenacity, they can create the future they have imagined for themselves. Honest! ;o)

Tell your kids that if they can find within themselves a great passion that is fulfilling and could become profitable, they have the entrepreneurial spirit that drives people to start their own businesses. It’s never too late to jump in. Never!

SOOOO, each February you have an opportunity to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in yourself as well as in your kids. Here’s your chance to gain entrepreneurial literacy. (“Huh?” you’re asking.) What does “Entrepreneurial Literacy” mean?

This means having some basic knowledge of how a business is created and managed. It is the starting point for real experiences that test your knowledge and skills and motivate the entrepreneurial spirit in each of us. Real entrepreneurial skills come from experience. Literacy is the starting point to enable you to learn from your experiences.

How much do you know about creating your own business? Can you answer the “20 Questions for All Americans” that are designed to determine your basic entrepreneurial literacy? Maybe you can earn an “Entrepreneur Genius” Certificate too!

Use these 20 questions in many different ways just to start this conversation. There is no single answer for any of them. This is an opportunity to really give some thought to the question. Answers will be different depending on the situation and will change over time. This is magic time for you and your kids!

Get comfy (refreshments are not mandatory, but are recommended). Now let’s start gaining some entrepreneurial literacy. Ready? Get set! Go! ;o)

  1. What personality traits are more likely to lead to success as an entrepreneur?
  2. What is a market economy, entrepreneurship, free enterprise and capitalism? Are there any differences?
  3. What taxes do entrepreneurs pay?
  4. What items are part of a business’ operating costs?
  5. How can an entrepreneur learn about what their customers want?
  6. How can computer skills help with business operations?
  7. How do entrepreneurs deal with risks?
  8. How is personal financial literacy related to business financial literacy?
  9. What factors determine where to locate a business?
  10. Why is branding important? What is branding?
  11. How does competition affect entrepreneurship?
  12. What percent of American firms have no employees working for them? Why is this important?
  13. What are some sources of funding to start a business? (other than your parents!)
  14. What can an entrepreneur do if business sales drop off?
  15. What should an entrepreneur consider when hiring employees (friends) for the business?
  16. How does an entrepreneur work in a country that doesn’t support capitalism?
  17. What is “tolerance of ambiguity” and why is it important to an entrepreneur?
  18. How might an entrepreneur use business profits?
  19. Why do entrepreneurs say they are in charge of their own fate?
  20. Why do you want to be an entrepreneur rather than an employee?

February (in the U.S.) not only celebrates Valentine’s Day (February 14), but it also celebrates National Entrepreneurship Week (February 18-25). I recommend less stuffing in of chocolates and more stuffing in of entrepreneurial literacy! ;o)

Cheers … Amanda van der Gulik … Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

P.S. Global Entrepreneurs Week is celebrated in November this year.
P.P.S.Here are some books that may help you start you and your kids on your/their way to Entrepreneurship

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