Money games for kids – Secret Millionaires Club (Warren Buffett)

Who is the world’s most famous investor?

Give up?

It’s Warren Buffett. He doesn’t buy stocks to sell, he buys companies to keep. And now he’s going to help your kids learn to do the same.

Warren created this wonderful online money game “Secret Millionaires Club” (SMC) for kids.

Buffett Bucks are the rewards you earn. You earn them by participating on the site and investing in companies on the Buffett Bucks Stock Market (there’s a ticker tape running across your screen). I got a kick out of that! ;o)

Meet Warren, folksy, unpretentious, down-home kind of guy who’s a maverick in the high-flying world of the stock market and meet Elena, an eternal optimist with an upbeat personality who takes a positive approach to life and whose thinking is smart and concise.

Meet Jones, a funny, loud, daredevil of the group, and a sports fanatic, who’s a risk-taker and his impulsiveness often gets him into trouble and Radley, an intellectual, a “techie” supreme who is conservative in nature and balances his emotions with a practical and well thought out approach to life.

You get to choose a character when you play some of the fun games like “Compounding Connections”, see if you can pay off all your credit card debt before time runs out, “Financial Flip”, it’s just like Match Game only with time limits, and “Earnings Expedition”, study the pictures and see if you can spot all the differences—there’s a time limit and this isn’t as easy as it sounds!

There are other games too! “Lemonade Stand” lets you make the drink your customer is thinking about and “Fill in the Face” allows you to match the right face to the right
dollar bill. Oh, there’s “Catch the Money” with a sweet little pig that you move with your mouse to catch the falling money. Don’t catch anything else! That’s deducted from your total.

By far, though, my favorite game is “Clubhouse Trivia.” Test your SMC trivia with episode questions. You listen to an episode, answer the questions, earn points and learn lots of awesome stuff! These episodes are great! ;o)

Episodes like:
“Cancel My Reputation” (build a good reputation)
“The Real Skinny” (don’t prejudge)
“Mental for Rental” (think of alternatives)
“The Domino Effect” (knock em’ down)
“Too Good” (to be true)
“Be Successful” (present yourself well)
“Don’t Say No” (be open-minded)
“Experienced?” (get a mentor)
“All Fall Up” (try new things)
“Tough Cookies” (never cut corners)
And Many more.

These episodes are packed with awesome money info!

You can “Ask Warren” questions and he’ll give you advice. There’s “Warren’s Words,” “Investing Basics,” “Biz Smart Kids,” “Business Basics,” “Company Profiles” and “Buffett
Bucks Updates.”

And there’s even more FREE stuff!

I kid you not! This is one terrific place for your kids to play and learn!

Cheers … Amanda van der Gulik … Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

P.S. Here are some more fun money tools I found to help your Tweens and Teens learn about investing! Enjoy! ;o)
(Simply click on the photos, it will open up a new window, to take a “sneak peek” inside them!)

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