Have You Forgotten To Schedule Your Kids Money Lessons?

Parents are very busy these days scheduling all kinds of lessons for their kids. There are piano lessons, ballet lessons, karate lessons, tennis lessons, but what about kids money lessons?

Kids money lessons are just as important as all those other lessons. I believe that kids money lessons are even more important. Yes, I do! ;o) And here’s why.

You’ve heard of the expression “money makes the world go round,” haven’t you? It’s wonderful to have money! It’s not the money itself. After all, money is just paper and coins. This paper and coins have a value simply because we give it value. In the good old days, eggs and chickens were used as payment.

The real value of money is what you (and your kids) do with it. Money can be saved, invested, donated and spent. How your kids manage their money reflects their understanding of its value. You can be a good role model for them. Yes, you can! ;o)

Think about how you manage your money. Have you learned to save some, invest some and donate some to a charity of your choice? Do you spend your money wisely? Why is it important to give kids money lessons?

Let’s first define what a lesson is. A lesson is something that needs to be learned. Well, kids need to learn about money. They are not born with this knowledge. They need to be taught its value and how to manage it well so that they can live happy fulfilling lives as adults.

Before you can start educating your kids to become money savvy young adults, you need to know how money savvy they really are. Here’s a fun, Free quiz for you “How Money Savvy Is My Child” where your kids, by answering seven questions, will find out if they are a “wealth master,” “fairly money savvy,” “not quite money savvy yet” or “money savvy deficient.”

Tell your kids that learning to become money savvy is as easy as learning their ABCs. All they need is time and patience and a willingness to learn. Managing money is not something to be afraid of. Why, money that is managed is lots of fun and what’s more it builds confidence and self-esteem.

Kids money lessons will turn your young kids into young entrepreneurs. Imagine their joy and all those big wide smiles when they realize that they can take care of them-selves. Kids can be powerful and with good kids money lessons, your kids will grow up into young adults that are very much in charge of their lives. Way to go kids! ;o)

Good kids money lessons include learning how to earn their own money (so that they don’t depend only on you to give them some), save money for a rainy day, save money for a special occasion or a special treat, donate money to a worthwhile cause and invest their money so that they can earn passive income.

Don’t let them forget to spend some of their money too. Kids miss out on the joy of money if they only save it. Kids need money to spend just for fun. Really, they do!

So don’t forget to schedule your kids money lessons at the same time you schedule the rest of their lessons.
Here’s to raising money savvy kids!

Cheers … Amanda van der Gulik … Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

P.S. Here are some more fun and valuable money teaching tools I found to help you teach your kids money lessons!
(Simply click on the photos, it will open up a new window, to take a “sneak peek” inside them, and make sure you do!)

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