Money games for kids – Savings Quest

“Savings Quest” is a delightful, interactive online money game. I played it myself (can’t wait to show my two kids!). Not only did I have a good time, but I also learned a lot.

A charming woman’s voice greets you (it’s great to have speakers) and shown are two doors: “Take A Tour” and “Play the Game.” Obviously, I took the tour first.

My guide then told me (and I could read this onscreen) that I was about to “save for the things you want while paying for the things you need,” “pick a job and earn your paycheck,” “build a budget, pay your bills, pay unexpected expenses,” and “save money for whatever you want.”

This was SOOOOO much fun! I created a character (six are given to choose from) and picked out skin, hair, eyes, shirt, and background colors. Then I named my character.

Next, I picked the kind of job I wanted (six choices are given: copy editor, accountant, detective, and archaeologist). Each job earns $2000 a month. I picked accountant although I really wanted to be a detective. Oh, well, next time! ;o)

You have six different job assignments where you can earn six paychecks. You get to choose your own savings goal (I debated between the new laptop and vacation—finally settled on vacation) and then began to build my budget.

Who knew I’d have $200 taken out for retirement and $400 taken out from taxes right away. That’s great for our kids to learn. Then you decide on your fixed expenses (rent, utilities, car insurance & gas, and food). Each fixed expense comes with three different choices.

You decide on saved expenses (entertainment & fun). A lot of different choices given throughout the game to decide on. There are emergencies that come up and need to be paid.

It’s off to work, complete all six work assignments, pay your bills, choose your fun, meet your savings goals (hopefully), and after 6 months, find out if you’ve completed your Savings Quest.

Have Fun!

Cheers … Amanda van der Gulik … Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

P.S. Here are some more fun money teaching tools I found on Amazon to help your children learn about saving! Enjoy! ;o)
(Simply click on the photos to take a “sneak peek” inside them! This will open up a new window)

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