Have A Little Patience…

Okay, be honest.

How many times have you found yourself frustrated because you want your dreams to come true but you want it NOW!

You don’t want to wait!

You’re sick of waiting, your sick of your dreams taking so long to arrive.


It will happen.

And funnily enough, the nearer your are to your dreams the more frustrated you become. That’s when most people give up and lose the faith.

It’s really true, the bend in your road is SO near!!!

Have patience, the universe just needs to have the time to make everything go your way.

As long as you live up to your end:

Conceive the dream,
Believe the dream,


Receive the dream!

Your dreams are almost at your door, don’t give up now…


Here’s to your success…

Cheers….Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life & “Kids and Money” Enthusiast!
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