Can Kids Earn Money?

Can kids earn money? Yes, they definitely can. ;o)

What is money? Money is part paper and part coins. It is exchanged to pay for products or services offered. It’s wonderful to have lots and lots of money. ;o)

Money doesn’t fall out of the sky. There are times when I wish it did, but it doesn’t. Imagine all those pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, dollar bills, five dollar bills, ten dollar bills and twenty dollar bills falling, just falling, from the sky down to the ground. Let’s add some fifty and hundred dollar bills falling down too. Oh, my heart be still. ;o)

No, money has to be earned. Kids earn money from watching how you earn money. It’s said that “money is a necessary evil.” Well, money isn’t evil really. What you do with money defines what money is. Usually it takes a long time and a lot of effort to make enough money to pay bills and buy stuff.

We sure do like to buy stuff! Our kids like to buy stuff too. In fact, kids like money a lot. They like to count it. They like to spend it. They need to be taught how to save it, invest it and donate it. We know we have to work to earn money. Can kids earn money through their own work? You bet they can. ;o)

How? You need to encourage their natural passions and talents. Sit down with your kids. Talk about what they like to do or what they are really good at. Kids earn money through using these resources and applying them.

Here’s a FREE ebook “50 Money Making Ideas for Kids” where you will find lots of interesting and real ways where kids earn money. This ebook is awesome!

Did you know that young or old kids can run a business for profit? Making a profit from a business is the only way to operate a business. Why go into a business if you’re not going to make money from it? What a waste of precious time! ;o)

Have you heard about the strategy of “under promising and over delivering?” This is when you deliver on your original promise, but you deliver more than what you initially promised. Kids earn money – can earn even more money – with this strategy. Here’s how it works:

Your child offers, for a fee, to pick up the mail from the mailbox every day while your neighbor is away for one week. Your child is instructed to leave the mail on the table inside the front door. Upon leaving the mail, your child notices that the plant on the table needs watering.

Without being asked, your child waters the plant. When your neighbor returns, your neighbor is very pleased to see not only all the mail carefully bundled on the table, but also a thriving plant. Your child only promised to pick up the mail, not to water the plant. This is an example of under promising and over delivering.

“You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it,” said Albert Einstein. The minds of your kids are like sponges. Encourage them to soak up many solutions to their money wants and needs. It’s important that you influence how your kids think about money, earn it, save it, invest it and give some away.

Teach your kids about the power of leveraging a business. Teach them all about compound interest. There is so much to learn so that kids earn money on their own. More about those topics at another time. ;o)

I am passionate about empowering our kids with life skills and money savvy so they will be Clever with their Dough and have the positive self-esteem needed to live happy fulfilling lives as adults. Can kids earn money? Yes they definitely can!

Cheers … Amanda van der Gulik … Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

P.S. Here are some other great resources for more fun ways for kids to make their own money: (click on each book to take a ‘sneak peek’ inside)




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One Response to Can Kids Earn Money?

  1. Great post Amanda!

    Yes, kids can learn how to earn money and much of what they learn is done by watching parents. The beleifs we instill with our kids are an important factor to this learning.

    For example, if we say “Money is the root of all evil,” chances are, our kids might associate money with evil and not allow themselves to collect more and more of it.

    Conversely, if we teach, “Adding value to others allows us to earn more and more money,” what types of outcomes might that bring?

    Thanks for this post.

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