Creating A Healthy Wealth Mentality In Our Kids And Teens

There is a familiar proverb “money doesn’t grow on trees.”

We smile to ourselves when we think of this quote. Well, actual dollar bills don’t grow on trees but does money really not grow on trees? Is this not a limiting belief? What kind of money lesson for children are we teaching when we limit their wealth mentality growth in this way?

Think about it, doesn’t money grow on trees?

What about the leaves of the tree, like those of a ginkgo tree, do they not get harvested for sale to help with people’s health? And what about apple trees, or orange trees, or any other kind of fruit that grows on a tree. Is it not harvested for money too?

And what about the trunk of the tree is it not harvested for wood to be sold to make furniture and other wonderful goods? Not to mention all the other animals, birds and insects that also grow on trees that get harvested in some way to make money.

When it comes to money lessons for children, I sincerely believe it’s of the utmost importance to cultivate a Healthy Wealth Mentality that allows these kind of money principles to prosper and grow.

We shouldn’t limit our child’s mind for wealth and prosperity with these kind of limiting beliefs.

Did you ever wonder where this quote came from? And why it was said?

I bet it came out of a frustration that parent’s children were harassing their parents for money when money was tight. They wanted their children to learn about money and that it would not just magically appear but that we need to give something in return for it. And this thought pattern has been passed down for generations.

Well, this is a great opportunity to begin with some money lessons for Children by turning it around to create a Healthy Wealth Mentality instead!

As adults, we think, talk, spend and manage money all the time but most of our children have a different relationship with money. They usually don’t think about where money comes from. As for managing money? Children usually don’t have it long enough to even wonder about that!

Ah, they do love to spend it though, don’t they?

They ask their parents for it all the time. Turning us, their parents, into their own personal ATM/bank machines! Their relationship with money is often just to get it, spend it, and get more. This kind of relationship with money is not very healthy. It’s not healthy for them when they are young and it is certainly not healthy for them when they are adults.

This will only create an Entitlement Mentality, and life will hit them really hard once they leave our protective nest and have their first real financial test!

It’s time to turn it around and change how we talk about money with our kids.

Knowing how to handle money is one thing…and a VERY IMPORTANT one for sure! But another equally important financial lesson is know how to grow a Healthy Wealth Mentality.

You see, the way you THINK about money actually affects how much money you get to keep! You don’t want your child to turn into Ebeneezer Scrooge do you? I didn’t think so. Ask yourself, the last time your child asked you to buy them something and you didn’t have the money to get it, what did you say to your child?

“Sorry sweetie, we can’t afford that.”


“What do you think I’m MADE of money!”

Well, if you did anything like that, then I’m betting you had no idea what the consequences were of your words on how your child’s financial future would turn out, did you?

A Scarcity mentality: It’s a way of thinking, and it’s definitely NOT a good way of thinking. It makes your child feel ‘unworthy’, ‘not good enough’, ‘good things only come to others, never to me’, ‘I don’t deserve…’, etc.

How about changing the tone of the answer, by saying something like:

“I choose not to spend my money on this right now” = EMPOWERMENT


“Sure, that’s a great idea, now how can YOU earn the money to buy it yourself?” = RESPONSIBILITY

As parents, we teach our children many kinds of lessons. We teach them to behave properly with other children, with adults, in restaurants, etc. We teach them to be kind and thoughtful. We nurture their hopes and desires.

But what about money lessons for children?

What is a good age to start these lessons? How young is too young? Is it important to teach children about money? Do our children learn about the value of money in school?

First, it’s never too early to start with money lessons for children. Repetition is the key to success. The earlier we start the better, the more times the lesson is repeated. We learn our lessons after they have been repeated many times. We want our children to be well-prepared, money savvy adults. We want them to live stress-free lives, lives not consumed every moment of every day with money issues.

Second, children do learn about adding, subtracting and multiplying money in their math classes in school. But they do not usually learn wealth mentality money lessons for children at school. They are not they taught how to earn it, how to save it, how to invest it, how to manage it so it will work hard for them.

Money lessons for children can begin as soon as children understand that money is not something to eat. Yes, you can start giving money lessons for children as early as 4 years old!

Begin with a new version of that familiar proverb “money DOES grow on trees!” Tell them that money is like leaves on a tree that can be pulled off at any time but that a tree gets nurtured from the dirt in the ground, water, and sunshine. It takes time for the leaves to grow on that tree. It takes time for that tree to be of value.

Teach them that just like that tree, money also needs to be nurtured.

It needs to be earned by exchanging a service or goods. It needs to be managed and that it will take time for their money to grow into its full worth.

Click here to view the free money lesson for children video, “The 6 Magical Piggy Banks.” This video will show you how your child can manage their money so that it’s fun and so that their money will work for them! ;o)

It’s time to stop our kids from using us like their very own personal ATM/bank machines, it’s time to teach them some money lessons for children that will help them to manage their money so that their money will work hard for them so that they won’t always have to work hard for their money.

Cheers … Amanda van der Gulik … Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

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“Together we can raise kids and teens who are money savvy and get to follow their dreams because they know how to handle and value their money…and not come back crawling home to mom and dad to get them out of financial trouble!”

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