Introducing, Leanna, 13 Year Old Kid Entrepreneur:

I am incredibly excited to share with you a real kid entrepreneur.

Her name is Leanna and she has a website where she sells her great-grandmother’s natural haircare. When Leanna was 3 years old her mother decided to use a homemade hair recipe on Leanna’s hair. After many years of constantly getting amazed comments about the thickness and length of Leanna’s hair, Leanna decided that she needed to bottle this amazing homemade product and offer it to the world.

Have a look at this interview on AMSG “Tomorrow’s Newsmakers”. It’s truly incredible.

Get your own kids to watch and be motivated by this young girl’s incredible drive to succeed.

She even has her own dad in her employ!

Then check out her website at

I intend to continue to bring you new kid entrepreneurs. If you know of any kid entrepreneurs, please add them to my blog for me to check out and give them their due credit.

Kid entrepreneurs rule!

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