It was a lovely day today! Here’s a cool tip for your child…

Today’s Money-Savvy Child Tip:

Summer is coming nearer and garage sales are starting to pop up all over the place!

Now’s the time to start your own kid business. Here’s how:

– decide what your garage sale business will be: lemonade stand, ice tea, hot coffee and donuts? How about something different like: face painting or jewelry making?

– next scope out the neighbourhood for the ‘garage sale’ signs. Then go knock on their door (together with your parents) and negotiate the right to sell your business wares at their garage sale in exchange for either a commission of the money you make or a fixed rental fee.

– see how many garage sale owners say yes.

– line up some friends or siblings or both to ‘man’ your businesses for you. Give them either a commission or fixed rate for running your stands. Make sure they are customer-friendly. You want to make sure that the garage sale owner is happy with this arrangement so they will want you back in the future and will spread good word of mouth free advertising for your business.

– Have Fun! Make Money! Manage it well! Share the wealth! (give a small portion to your favourite charity.

Hope you enjoyed this tip!

If you’d like to see a funny video about what kids and teens have to say about money, then go here: ENJOY! ;o)

Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

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