Find out what I learned when I met Melissa Gilbert, aka ‘Laura Ingles’…

Melissa Gilbert meets Amanda van der Gulik

Melissa Gilbert meets Amanda van der Gulik

Last week I had the unique opportunity to meet Melissa
Gilbert in person. You may know her as the little girl
who played Laura Ingles in the famous TV show, “Little
House on The Prairie” based on the “Little House” books
written by Laura Ingles Wilder.

WOW, what a wonderful experience.

First of all I have to tell you a little bit of background
here. I have been absolutely in love with the whole “Little
House” books and the TV series since I was a little girl.

There is just such a sense of complete happiness and
comfort to them that give you a true feeling of peace.
I just love that.

Last Christmas my sweet husband, gave me the complete
TV series as my Christmas present. What joy. ;o)
I was over the moon.

Since then we’ve been watching one episode each night
at dinner time with our kids as well as reading a chapter
or two of the “Little House” books for our homeschooling
english classes.

So we were thrilled to find out that there was a musical
as well and that Melissa Gilbert was playing ‘Ma’ in the

We went to the show and it was incredible, I highly
recommend it. It’s in Toronto playing at the Cannon
Theatre right now, and it’s moving to other cities
as well, if it get to a city near you, go and see it.
You’ll be so delighted by it. The girl who now plays
Laura is incredible.

Anyway after that show I asked if we could meet Melissa.
She wasn’t doing any signing but the lady at the door said
she’d let us out the back entrance where the stage crew
leave after work and then it was just let up to chance
whether or not we would see her.

It was absolutely freezing out and we had little children
with us, so we wouldn’t be able to wait out long, and we
wouldn’t be allowed back inside once we were let out.

So I got the kids all bundled up after a quick trip to the
bathroom with them all and out we went.

Well, it was exactly one minute after we were let outside
that the stage door opened and out came the full cast.

It was thrilling to see Melissa in person. And there were
only 4 other fans waiting outside to see her, so our timing
couldn’t have been better.

It was cold and I knew she was tired after just doing
two shows back to back in one day, so I didn’t want
to take up too much of her time. The other fans all wanted
autographs, but I wanted something more personal to
remember her by. So I asked for a photo.

She was so sweet to our kids, you can tell that she is a
natural with kids. We told her that we had come from
New Zealand and that caught her interest. Then my
little girl told her that we had seen all of her ‘Little
House’ shows and movies and she was so sweet, bending
down and speaking directly to my daughter.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you how you can have
your dreams come true if you believe.

I didn’t tell you this yet, but I had hoped to meet Melissa
in person but didn’t really expect it to happen until I took
my kids to the bathroom before heading outside.

I found myself saying, “oh I hope we’ll get to meet her” and
then I noticed what I was saying and quickly corrected myself.
I told myself, “I’m so happy and grateful now that Melissa
and I have met, she was so sweet with my kids and we have the
most amazing photo of her with us. What a treat that was.”

(I am learning the principles that make the Law of Attraction
work, so as a LOA student I am always ready to adjust my
thoughts into present, positive tense, and it’s amazing how
that has positively affected my life so far.)

So I didn’t even feel surprised when it came true just as I
had imagined it. I felt incredible gratitude but not surprise.

I wish for all of your dreams to come true also.

Here’s to your and your child’s MASSIVE SUCCESS!

Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast!

P.S. If you’d like to go to Melissa Gilbert’s show, here’s
the website:

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