Following Her Dreams and… Inspiring Her Kids Along The Way!

Has life ever hit you hard?


Well, that’s exactly what happened to my dear friend, Lyndsy.

Lyndsy has two beautiful kiddos, a girl and a boy. As a baby her little guy was super happy and always looking you in the eyes, doing just really well. Then after he got immunized he started to stop having direct eye-contact, stopped being happy and started along a very horrifying path of massive random tantrums and self-hurting episodes. They don’t have any ‘evidence’ that it was due to the immunizations, just perhaps that it was just bad timing…at least that’s what the doctors told her.

Anyway, this is not an article about whether or not you’re into immunizations, that’s not the point to this at all. Read on to hear how her story gets even worse! …and then finally better!

At 3 years old he was finally diagnosed as on the Autism Spectrum!

Trust me, I know how devastating that was for her. I only just had my own son diagnosed, and he’s 12! His is just less visible and so it took a lot longer for us to figure out. Not devastating for us just a sort of relief to know why his brain worked a little differently to his peers. 😉

But for Lyndsy that was not the case. Her little boy was much lower on the scale and so his symptoms were much stronger and greatly affected not only his own life but the life of their family.

Lyndsy felt all along with a huge struggle on her hand. She ended up a solo mom with two small kiddos, one with extreme care needed. Low income and not too many choices as to how to help her little guy.

But here’s where life started to shine for them all….

Lyndsy researched her butt off!

She simply wouldn’t give up on her boy! And what she found was that she could greatly help her little guy through healthy whole food.

So what on earth has this got anything to do with following her dreams and inspiring her kiddos and the world?

Simple: She shares her knowledge, and gives others hope through her own experiences, trials, fails and ultimately her successes!

She started her own video channel and website where she shares her personal story, her failures, her successes and then also her recipes! 😀

“The Story Behind Real Yummy Food”

So what exactly is she doing to inspire others, her kids in particular?

She’s being an amazing ROLE MODEL!

She’s taking the lemon that life gave her and managed to find a way to turn it into lemonade and now she’s sharing her knowledge and passion with the world.

She’s creating the most yummy real food recipes to help make life easier for other mothers who want to help heal their own kiddo’s health without having to spend all the time needed to figure it out on their own!

She’s creating recipe books too!

And of course she’s sharing her personal experiences and connecting with her followers to give them that personal connection and support that they need.

I’m honoured to know her and her family and to have them as a part of my life and an inspiration that I can share with others.

Her little girl made her first ever food video, she created a yummy green juice that both she and her little brother just LOVE!

OMGosh is she ever adorable!

Here’s her “Simple Green Juice Recipe” Video for you:

I hope Lyndsy’s story has been able to inspire you to create something powerful from your own life experiences.

It’s about helping our children cope with life’s ups and downs in a positive way rather than allowing them to get ‘stuck’ in the bad times. It’s about teaching them that it’s okay to feel the pain, and then to turn it into something better.

Here’s to you and your child’s success with turning all of your and their life’s lemons into lemonade too just like Lyndsy and her kiddos are doing!

And hey, if you can find a way to turn that into passive income for yourself then you are not only helping your own family but the millions of others whose lives you will positive influence by sharing yourself with the world!

Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

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6 Responses to Following Her Dreams and… Inspiring Her Kids Along The Way!

  1. cindy says:

    How inspiring….yummie recipes thank you for sharing.

  2. Dugan Jennings says:

    I loved the story…help her educate the population…

  3. What a great write up. Kalia will love it.

    • Amanda says:

      YEAH! So happy to hear that Jason, thank-you again so much for sharing Lyndsy’s story with us all, you both are so awesome! 😀

      Please say hi to Kalia for me! 😀

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