Is this the way to successful goal achievement?

How can people say they have set goals if they haven’t written them down. So why is it necessary to write them down when you know what you want. Well for a start most of us have what is termed motorized memories, secondly the majority of the population are visual people they recall more of what they see than what the hear or feel, there is a reason for this which I will mention shortly, so stay with me, it is also a major factor in goal achievement. Life is meant to be fun, so have fun writing out your goals and what life is like now that you have reached them. Read on please this will become clearer later.

So many people believe that goal setting only involves your professional goals when to get your life in perfect balance you need to devote as much time to setting social goals such as those for your family, your well-being and relaxation. True life balance means that you do not leave one rat race for another, at least working nine to five or whatever meant you shut the office door, working for yourself at home can encroach on quality family time do not allow that to happen. Your family will support you but getting a work to life balance is essential for more than just keeping your relationship together.

Finally the most important part of goal setting, which is why I said that writing your goals out was very important is visualization. Remember I said that in order to set good goals you need to know where you are going to end up before thinking about how to get there, this is where visualization plays its part, because you have not got the thing you want you have to visualize what it will be like when you do have it, how will your life change. In order to see your goal fully as an ideal that you want in your life you have to write it out fully and it is of little surprise that as you do so your goal becomes fixed in your mind and will probably have a few changes that make it a better goal anyway. relax in the knowledge that if you carry this step out correctly you are more than 50% of the way to achieving your goals, WOW. From the chair you sit in to the car you drive they all were a thought before they manifested into material reality.

If you do not believe that you can use visualization just try these little exercises. It is a good job that we think in pictures, for example if I say the word car, what do you see in your minds eye, the word or an image of a car, I believe the image rather than the word. Your imagination went to work for example as you planned your last holiday, looking through the pages that described your destination you did not imagine words but pictures of where you were going and what you were going to do once you were there. When you read a book your imagination paints pictures of the scene that is being described. We use visualization every day of our lives.

I confess I love showing people how to use visualization in their lives and have spent the last 25 years doing so.

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