On The Air With Kim Primatic – Raising Conscious Kids Radio!

WOW! What an honour!

I’ve been invited to be a guest speaker on Kim Primatic’s Radio Show: Raising Conscious Kids!

Got kids? Teach Kids? Love kids?

Kim Primatic - Raising Conscious Kids Radio

Kim does too! She believes that raising our kids is the most challenging job that we will ever have. Why? Because kids today are different! They’re more technologically savvy, more sensitive, they’re smarter and they’re under more pressure from an even younger age. As parents, teachers, grandparents and influencers of children, we have our work cut out for us.

So she created a place to turn to for information, inspiration, support and some fun! Raising Conscious Kids Radio brings together amazing leading experts, authors and thought leaders on raising healthy, happy, conscious and successful kids.

And tomorrow she’s invited me to be one of those amazing experts for her show!

I’m so excited! I’ll be sharing with Kim, live on air, how exactly to get kids excited about being a master of their own money….AND how to STOP your kids from using YOU like their very own personal money machine!

I’ll be speaking about:

* Whether or not to give your child an allowance?
* Some fun ways for kids and teens to make their own money using their natural talents/passions.
* How to use the “Magical 6 Piggy Bank” money management system so that your child will know how to make their money work hard for them….so your child won’t have to work hard for their money for the rest of their lives!

Come join us live tomorrow, Wed. Nov. 18th, 2014 at 11am EST!

You can also subscribe to Kim’s free “Raising Conscious Kids” Community and she’ll send you out a link to the live event as well as a reminder so you won’t miss it, and also a replay link if you do miss it after all.

Don’t forget to “like” and “share” this post. I’ll be sharing a ton of great tricks and tips to help you teach your child about money in a fun and easy way that you and your friends won’t want to miss!!!

…Oh and did I mention….I’ll be giving away some super awesome gifts that you will really love….make sure you listen in to find out more…. 😉

Raising Conscious Kids

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