Guest Post: Teaching Kids the Value of Money Through Pets

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Teaching Kids the Value of Money Through Pets

Parents know the value of money is an important asset in the world of today, but conflict is caused when trying to find the best way to teach these values to your child. Most if not all children love pets, so why not use what they love to teach them what they need to know? So go ahead and agree to getting them the pet of their dreams, but only if they agree to purchase the necessary expenses for the pet. Below is a list of four general types of expenses to ask of your child and why it can teach your child to value money.

1. Paying For Food – Though the expense of feeding can range according to the pet, your main focus is to teach the child value no matter the deal you make. For an example my sister has a 10 year old son who asked her for a dog. She agreed to buy him one, if he agreed to make sure his chores were done in order to receive his allowance to pay for the dog’s food. This in turn taught my nephew that to value money it must be earned and not given.

2. Keeping Pet Healthy – Now as a child paying for their pet to go to veterinarian to be fully checked may be complicated. So instead of having your child try to come up with a large amount of money encourage them to value your money through maintaining the health of the pet. By monitoring what the pet may eat or making sure the pet is feed the correct amount of food can maintain its health. For an example if your child had a fish as a pet applying this method could teach them to value the money and time it takes to care for a pet.

3. Cleaning Up After Pet – Many things can be combined together to help teach the value of money from time to working, which both apply when cleaning after a pet. To teach your child value you should start by teaching them to take their time and work hard to earn a profit. You can do this by being sure that the pet’s living spaces are properly cleaned up which maintains a healthy environment and teaches children responsibility and the value of time.

4. Bedding For Pet – Bedding for a pet is very important to the comfort of your pet. Bedding can range from an aquarium for a fish or a padded box for a cat. When your child cleans the bedding for the pet it teaches them responsibility and also the value or working for what they want. For an example buying a pet cat for your child and getting them to agree to clean the litter box will teach them to work for what they want through earning it.

Teaching your children that in order for them to enjoy all those things you want in life that you must work helps them to comprehend that in order for them to buy their own things they value they must work hard and earn the money it costs to keep them up.


About the Author: Sara is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She is a frequent contributor of Learn more about her at

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