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After almost two years of hard work I have finally completed a book series for ‘tweens (kids ages 8-13) called “The Wealth Mentality Stories” together with my co-author, Lisa Strømme, to teach them about money using a very special character, Mr. Pompety Pompton, who works for a bank and counts money all day long but doesn’t really understand how money works and is stuck in a dead end job.

Through these 15 short stories our beloved Mr. Pompety Pompton learns about all the aspects of money that end up allowing him to retire on passive income he creates from his own passions and talents. He begins by learning about how to set goals so they will actually come true.

Okay, are you ready for the exciting part?

These stories were created for my new course, “Teaching Children About Money 2.0” (aka TCAM 2.0), and I was first going to keep them only in my homestudy course, but decide to make them all individually available on Amazon as well, and…

For this weekend ONLY, I’ve also decided to let you choose to have one of them for free at no charge, as my gift to you!

To help me decide which one to give away I thought it would be most fitting to ask you which one you want the most!

I’ve put together a list of the books that I can give away for free to you on my Facebook Fanpage along with a voting questionaire for which one you want the most. You have until Monday evening (midnight EST) to place your vote. On Wednesday I will announce which one you can grab for free. It will be a Kindle format ebook and you don’t have to have a Kindle reader to be able to open it, Amazon now have a special browser app that allows you to read any Kindle ebook in your own browser! ;o)

Okay, go take a look and vote for your favourite book, and I’ll send you an email Friday letting you know where you can get it! ;o)

These are the 5 titles you get to choose from:

“Mr. Pompety Pompton’s Community Commitment”
In ‘Mr. Pompety Pompton’s Community Commitment’ your child will learn that doing something nice for someone else without any expectations will someday pay off. Giving is part of the whole equation, giving is quite often more rewarding and fun than receiving.

“Mr. Pompety Pompton and the Power of Leverage”
In ‘Mr. Pompety Pompton and the Power of Leverage’ your child will learn that they do not always have to do everything themselves. When you have the help of other people, you can get things done a lot faster. It is a strange thing, but in school working together is quite often called cheating and out of school the same thing can be called leverage. Leverage comes in many forms and ways. There is leverage through using other people and also leverage using other people’s money (like a bank).

“Mr. Pompety Pompton and the Magic of Compound Interest”
In ‘Mr. Pompety Pompton and the Magic of Compound Interest’ your child will learn the magic of compound interest.
Benjamin Franklin said: “Compound Interest is The 8th Wonder of the World”
Albert Einstein said: “Compound Interest is the world’s greatest discovery”
I will leave you with these phrases and you will discover why Compound interest is magic in the story.

“Mr. Pompety Pompton Retires on his Passive Income”
In ‘Mr. Pompety Pompton Retires on his Passive Income’ your child will learn what passive income means and how Mr. Pompety Pompton creates his own passive income. There are many ways to earn passive income, which one will Mr. Pompety Pompton use and will he use just one way to create his passive income?

“Mr. Pompety Pompton Starts a Wealth Mentality Book and Game Club”
In ‘Mr. Pompety Pompton Starts a Wealth Mentality Book and Game Club’ your child will learn that learning is never really done. Even if you think you know everything, there is always more to learn.

Okay, go and place your vote here:

Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

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