SALE: HALF OFF Lowest Price Ever Offered – 4 Days ONLY!

From Midnight tonight until midnight on the 27th of October.






Click here to take advantage of our Half Off 4-day Only Sale.

Our Home-Study course has been very popular and we have been selling it for $497 for the past year. We’ve had a few sales along the way and the lowest we ever went was just $79! Crazy right?

Well…Guess what?

For 4 days only, we are offering the complete course to you for HALF OFF our lowest ever sales price! For just the next 4 days you can grab our entire course for only $38.50!

Ridiculous right?

We decided to have a 4-day sale because we are very close to updating our home-study course and we wanted to give our loyal members a chance to grab our original course for an amazing steal.

But wait there’s more!

The updated course will have more videos, more stories and a lot of other great learning material that your kids and teens will just love! The setup of the course will be more stream-lined as well, with our new 12 module step-by-step action guide.

We have had some of our members test the new setup and they said they did not want to go back to the old system!

The updated new course will not be available for any crazy prices like $79! You can count on that for sure! But we want to give you a chance to get in before we do the upgrade.

Just wait until you hear what we’re going to do for all of you who take advantage of our crazy 4-day half off sale…

When  you grab your course today for our crazy Half Off the lowest price ever offered then you will also get FULL ACCESS to our new course for FREE once it’s released in a few weeks time!

Cool right? But you have to act now to take advantage of this!

Our new course, TCAM 2.0, will retail for over $497!

So, if you were on the bench for a while or weren’t quite sure if you were qualified to teach your children about money, have a look at what we have waiting for you.

Click here to see all you will be getting…

Remember, the reduced sale price of $38.50 is only available for 4 days, until October 27th!

P.S. the link to the 4-day sale does not work until midnight tonight and it does not work after the sale either. So this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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