Today’s the Day!

Hi Guys,

Oh my Gosh, I still can’t believe it. After weeks of waiting, Today is FINALLY the day! ;o)

I can’t tell you how many people have been emailing me asking me, “when are they going to open their doors?”

Right Now!!!

Two weeks ago, I sent you your first opportunity to get 6 pre-made mind movies for FREE, no strings attached!

I still remember the day I found out that they were giving these incredible mind movies away for FREE!

As quite a few of you know I’ve been working on building two website simultaneously.
FunCakeDecoratingIdeas and this website, Teaching Children About Money.

Well, by using my own personally created mind movie I’ve been able to reach my goals in both fields!

My own mind movie has helped me reach my goal 100 fold! It’s true! Before my mind movie, I had been working on my FunCakeDecoratingIdeas and Teaching Children About Money websites for over 3 years with little success.

Then after creating my mind movie (in which I stated how incredibly grateful I was that my cakes and kids websites were international, making sales, and changing the lives of cake decorators and young children everywhere for their creative and financial betterment. And also, I stated how incredibly grateful I was that now that my websites were a success I was attracting inspirational people to me would ask me for advice and help with cake decorating, teaching children about money and entrepreneurial-ism in general.)

Well, this is what happened:

The first day I was emailed an incredible opportunity to joint venture with my cake decorating gurus at!

These guys know cake decorating like no one else alive!!!

Then one week after creating my own mind movie, I was offered the opportunity to take a 5 day course to get my teaching children about money website online.


It would cost me $10,000, of which I had $0!

Then three days later I was surprised with a $10,000 (exactly) income tax return that I had absolutely no idea I had been even qualified to get back!

So I took that money, put it into the course, and a week later, my Teaching Children About Money was online, international, making money, and changing the lives of young children everywhere for their financial betterment!


About a month later I started getting phone calls from inspirational people, who had somehow found ME!

The were asking me to joint venture with them, to do interviews with them, and even to become one of their daily inspirational panelists! were the ones who asked me to become their daily inspirational panelist for every Wednesday. were the ones who asked to interview me about my own mind movie success and that has brought me so much new traffic to my sight that I had to upgrade my email account to keep up with it all!

I was asked to joint venture with both Mind Movies and DreamRichly!! How cool is that?

So I created 5 Pre-Made Mind Movies for KIDS, for the mind movie launch.

Before the launch I offered my pre-made mind movies for kids to a handful of action-taking people and the responses I have been getting for their impactfulness have blown me over!!!
My dreams are coming true. I will even be on Oprah! (I’ll have to let you know of the dates when I find out. But it’s in my mind movie and I’ve already had people help me get closer to this incredible goal so I KNOW it will happen! ;o) How cool is that!

Now, when I first wrote you about the free mind movies that Ryan was giving away, it wasn’t my intention that you should ever have to buy anything. I wasn’t trying to sell you anything.

I just found a really cool tool that I knew worked from my own experiences. (I mean before mind movies it took me 23 years to get my goals! but that’s another story for later.) All I can tell you is I am no longer willing to wait that long to achieve my dreams! That’s for sure! (those of you who listened in to the teleseminar where Ryan interviewed me will know what I’m talking about.)

So why did I send you the opportunity to get your own free mind movies? Because I am a true believer in the Law of Attraction and I know that the best way to help my own future is by helping others. What goes around, comes around!

And I want good stuff to come my way, so I will keep on sharing good stuff with you!


So many of you have written me asking if you can get your own mind movie creation kit so that you can create your own goals, not just goals that someone else thought up.


You don’t have to wait:

The wait has been SO worth the effort!

Even though I already have my own ancient version of the mind movies, I will be one of the first today to purchase my new one!

Yeap, that’s right, even though I already have their old online version, that works just fine, I am still going to be banging down their door to get their new one!

Even though one their bonus give-aways is my own product!

Hey, I know how good their stuff is, and I know that the other $2000.00 worth of bonuses is worth my buying a new kit!

But that’s not even the reason I’ll be buying it!

I’m getting my own new version because of the powerful new technology that they have added to it.

I mean, even I am lazy! Even though I KNOW this stuff works, I still find it hard to remember to watch my own mind movie first thing when I wake up and last thing at night before I go to bed.
With the new software they are offering with their new mind movie creation kit, comes the ability to watch my mind movie all day long while I work on my computer subliminally! Transparently on top of all I do! And add to that the incredible added bonus of the “way too technical for me to explain” audios that help our minds accept these mind movies as our reality,


I’m catch, hook, line and sinker!

I’ve been working with these guys and I know they are for real and that their product is phenomenal so if you get yours, you may have to wait in line, cause I’ll be there first!

Here’s to your continued success,

Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast!

P.S. I appreciate your patience with me these past two weeks, I have just been so incredibly excited about all the fabulous FREEBIES that I may have seemed a little on the heavy side.
But don’t forget, they were absolutely yours no strings attached.You were never in position where you needed to purchase anything in order to get their incredible pre-made mind movies, and that is why I passed the information on to you.

So for those of you who have asked:

Get your mind movie creation kit along with their incredible technological software,and audios, and of course not to forget the 2K worth of bonuses NOW!

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