Feel the FEAR and DO it ANYWAY!

There are NO mistakes in life!

It’s true!

We are raised to believe that we will make horrible mistakes
and that our mistakes will haunt us for all eternity.

This is simply NOT true!

There are No mistakes in life, ONLY very expensive
learning lessons!

If you ‘get’ that then you will be a success in life, but only if
you truly ‘get’ that.

Everytime you are about to venture out on a new adventure,
remind yourself, there are no mistakes.

Feel the fear of your new adventure, and then do it anyway!

If mis-adventures pile up along the way, see them as your
life’s lessons.

Meditate on what went wrong, and how you can either fix it,
or learn from it and move on.

There is a lesson in all of our mis-adventures.

Nothing can be so bad that we cannot learn from our
mis-adventures and become the better people that we
know we can be.

So for this week:

Feel the FEAR and DO it ANYWAY!

Here’s to your success…

Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast!
Founder of the “Kids and Money” DreamRichly Group.
Founder of http://www.teachingchildrenaboutmoney.com/
Founder of http://www.funcakedecoratingideas.com/

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