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Maybe It's Time We Started Teaching Children About Money?

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How Money Savvy is your Child Quiz Software Allowance Secrets, to Give or not to Give and Allowance Goal Setting for Families 50 Money Making Ideas for kids and teens The 6 Magical Piggybanks Cartoon for Kids The 6 Magical Piggybanks Lesson for Parents Pre-Made Mind Movies for Kids and Teens

Tool 1: "How Money Savvy Is My Child" Quiz

How Money Savvy Is My Child Quiz
(a $7 Value)

Take this quiz, so you can find out your child or teen's Financial IQ level and know where to begin their financial lessons. Take this quiz again after they've gone through the other tools and see how much they have improved!

Tool 2: "Goal Setting For Families" eWorkbook

Goal Setting For Families Workbook
(a $39 Value)

This workbook teaches your child or teen how to set their goals effectively, so their dreams have a better chance of coming true.

What better way to build a special bond with your child or teen that very few parents ever get to create with their child than to set some goals together!

Tool 3: "Allowance Secrets" Parent eGuide

Allowance Secrets Parent Guide
(a $39 Value)

Finally figure out whether or not to give your child or teen an allowance with the ebook: "Allowance Secrets: To Give Or Not To Give?"

Find out what will work best for your family. Written by the top 25 'Kids and Money' Experts from around the world!

Tool 4: "50 Money Making Ideas For Kids & Teens" ebook

50 Money Making Ideas For Kids & Teens
(a $29 Value)

Did you know your child can make their own money?

In just a few seconds you'll have over 50 fun ways your child can fill their own piggy bank!

Earning their own money will give your child or teen a great feeling of personal achievement and will make attaining their goal that much more rewarding for them!

Tool 5: "The 6 Magical Piggy Banks" Cartoon

The 6 Magical Piggy Banks Cartoon
(a $25 Value)

Teach your child how to make their money work hard for them so they won't always have to work hard for their money!

This fun cartoon follows our heros, Xanthe and Quinn, as they meet the Clever Dough Guy who teaches them the magic behind these 6 incredible piggy banks.

Tool 6: "6 Magic Piggy Banks System" Video Lesson

6 Magic Piggy Banks System Lesson
(a $45 Value)

This video lesson will help you understand the wealth principles behind my magical 6 piggy bank money management system.

You'll learn how to teach your child or teen the magic of these 6 piggy banks and help them form life-long positive financial habits that will help them be financially secure for life!

Tool 7: 2 Mindmovies for Kids and Teens

2 Mindmovies for Kids and Teens
(a $79 Value)

Build your child's or teen's self-confidence and happiness with these two video that will empower your child or teen with a healthy, wealth mentality!

These entertaining short videos have been created specifically for your child or teen to watch once each day to keep them focused on achieving their dreams and living a happy, successful life!

Make success a habit!

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"Allowance Secrets" Parent eGuide
"50 Money Making Ideas For Kids & Teens" ebook
"The 6 Magical Piggy Banks" Cartoon
"6 Magic Piggy Banks System" Video Lesson
2 "Mindmovies for Kids and Teens" videos

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