Money games for kids – Children’s Money World

Welcome to the Children’s Moneyworld online game!

It teaches math using money. Its content appeals to kids, but it doesn’t exclude anyone interested in learning.

It also teaches numeracy and personal finance in fun and interactive ways. These online activities incorporate the learning process with simple every day tasks that aim to stimulate your child through investigation, curiosity and association.

How do they teach with money?

Well, the Children’s Moneyworld has its own family. That’s right, its own family called “The Moneykins.” Each coin is presented as a unique character with its own distinctive style and personality. This encourages children to bond with the characters and removes the fact that they are now learning as they play. What a good idea! ;o)

Meet the Moneykins Families:

American Moneykins Family

British Moneykins Family

Euro Moneykins Family

There are lots and lots of activities (241 at last count) in eight different categories: “coin introductions,” “counting in values/multiples,” “counting to specific totals,” “money sums,” “more or less,” “number bonds,” “numeral writing and recognition,” and “shopping problems” (my favorite!).

The printable activity sheets allow your kids to continue learning even when they are not near a computer. So, let the Moneykins help your kids to understand numeracy and math by challenging their minds with fun learning activities. Even the money prints out the correct size!

If you want your child to learn about how to work with actual physical money, how to make change, etc. then make sure you check out Children’s Moneyworld.

You’re kids will LOVE it! ;o)

Here are some fun money teaching tools I found on Amazon to help your children learn how to make change! Enjoy! ;o)
(Simply click on the photos to take a “sneak peek” inside them!)

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