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This is already the tenth post about fun resources and games for kids to help with their financial education. This one is sort of special, as some of you may know, my heritage is Dutch and orange is sort of a special colour for us. It is therefore not surprising that this game is put on by the biggest Dutch bank out there.

Anyhow, enjoy the games and the next post about fun resources and games for kids is only a fortnight away.

Planet Orange” is another cool online money game. It helps kids (astronauts), from 1st to 6th grade, learn about earning, spending, saving and investing. Learning about money isn’t the most exciting topic, but it sure is important! ;o)

Through traveling on Planet Orange, kids will tackle topics from the value of money, to setting a budget, to building savings goals for the future.

They’ll meet Amy and Cedric who serve as tour guides as kids rocket across four continents.

At Mandarin Mountains, kids learn what money is, how people get it, and what they do with it. At Tangy Town, kids create budgets and learn about the day-to-day business of managing money.

Advanced astronauts move on to Navel City to learn the benefits of conservative spending, long-term planning and credit. At Orangeopolis, kids learn more complicated ideas, including the benefits and risks of investing.

While your kids are taking a break from their mission, they can hang out at their space station. This is their home base. Using their outer space money (Obux), kids can play games and buy decorations and gear. Running low on Obux? Do a job to earn a little extra! That’s right, your kids can work!

Each continent has four areas with activities focusing on different aspects of money. Grab a bag and go shopping at Pulpy Pete’s General Store. Learn to buy what you need vs. what you want (all while staying under budget). Hey, kids, buy enough fuel for your journey!

There are also quizzes that allows kids to earn Space Badges and eventually complete their mission.

Don’t forget: Check out the Parent Center for more info!

Cheers … Amanda van der Gulik … Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

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  1. Fay says:

    I read a lot of interesting articles here.

  2. My heritage is Dutch also. We immigrated from the Netherlands when I was seven years old.

  3. Great resource! Thank you for this information. Planet Orange sounds like a fun game with an agenda of education. Next time my grandson visits I’ll check it out. Thanks for this post, Clar

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