Isn’t ‘Kids Entrepreneur’ A Quirky Combination? ;o)

According to Webster’s Dictionary, an entrepreneur is “someone who launches or manages a business venture, often assuming risks.” I believe that an entrepreneur is someone who dreams big dreams and then makes them happen! ;o)

Is it possible to combine “kids” with “entrepreneur”? Can you even say the words ‘kids entrepreneur’ and not fall down laughing until you get a stomach cramp or can’t catch your breath? Honestly! ;o) Is this concept too bizarre? Say it: kids entrepreneur. Is this a reality?

Of course it is. Why wouldn’t it be?

There’s an anonymous saying:

“Some people make things happen,
Some people watch things happen,
Some people wonder … what happened!”

Well kids can make this happen. Our kids can be a kids entrepreneur too! ;o)

I want our kids to make things happen. I don’t want them to watch things happen or even wonder what in the world happened. ;o) I want them to grow into well-prepared, empowered, money savvy young adults. If our children want to become this kind of adult, it’s important that they learn the fundamentals of sound financial strategies.

Getting kids entrepreneur experiences early in their lives are a great way to become powerful wealth masters later on.

When children are young, they are filled with all kinds of dreams. Some of these dreams are about making money and becoming rich. Maybe that is why I have combined the words ‘kids entrepreneur’? No, it’s not. I believe that becoming an entrepreneur is more than just making money.

A kids entrepreneur dreams on a large scale. It’s not just about acquiring money. Think of this before you put down your children’s ideas, telling them to be realistic, play it safe and secure. Instead, encourage them to dream and that their financial savvy will enable them to take on any venture and make it work. Money is not your ultimate goal. What you do with that money is your ultimate goal.

Yes, kids entrepreneur is a possible reality. How? For the most part, kids are fearless little children. They don’t know enough to be afraid of failure. They believe anything is possible. All they need is the will to make it work and
the desire to succeed. They dream big dreams. They want what they want. And they want it now! ;o)

So what kind of businesses can your kids entrepreneur run?

Click here to download your free copy of “50 Money Making Ideas for Kids” where you will find lots of interesting and real ways that your own kids entrepreneur can run their own business for profit! ;o)

So don’t be your child’s personal ATM anymore! ;o) Encourage your own kids entrepreneur through sharing their enthusiastic interest in entrepreneurial activities, your children can be a very successful kids entrepreneur as long as you are their biggest support!

Here’s to empowering our kids about money! ;o)

Cheers … Amanda van der Gulik … Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

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